Studiospares Acoustic Panels Used to Treat Woodfield School

We hear all the time how important acoustic treatment is for our studios, and rightly so. It helps us get the most out of our space, while greatly enhancing the recording and listening experience. However, acoustic treatment is for much more than the studio, its effectiveness applies to any space, especially when the truest sound possible is of the utmost importance...Read More

16 days ago
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St Albans Cathedral reflects on the IA Portable Vocal Booth

How effective can an open vocal booth perform, especially in highly reflective environments? We put the Imperative Audio PVB to the test at St Albans Cathedral to find out...Read more
1 month ago
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Do you understand acoustics?

Acoustic treatment is important in any situation. An untreated room will create numerous sonic problems including environmental noise, reverberations, reflections, standing waves and more. All of these sonic anomalies become distractions! Whether it’s a studio, office, home-cinema or meeting room, acoustically treating your room will help you get the most out of your space and enhance your recording and listening experience dramatically...Read more

2 months ago
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Make your monitors sound better with acoustics

In this month’s Talk|Back Live Webinar on Tuesday 10th May 2022, we are joined by Kevin Booth, Director of Sales & Marketing at Auralex Acoustics, who will be talking to us about ‘How to make your monitors sound better with acoustics!’...Read more

5 months ago
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PVB in Sound On Sound Basics & Beyond

The Imperative Audio PVB (Portable Vocal booth) has been featured in the brand-new, comprehensive, Sound On Sound 'Recording Technology: Basics & Beyond: Basics & Beyond' Guide...Read more

1 year ago
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