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Esmono Isolation Booths

Esmono Sound Isolation Booths

An Esmono Isolation Booth is a specialised soundproof chamber designed for optimal audio recording quality. It minimises external noise and echo, available in different thicknesses for tailored sound isolation. Ideal for tasks like recording vocals, instruments, and podcasts, these booths can be customised with features like window panels and active fan systems to enhance performance.


Esmono Isolation booths are meticulously designed all-metal solutions, offering both enduring durability and exceptional acoustic performance, while also boasting an impressive visual aesthetic. The ingenious modular "room within a room" design not only delivers unmatched acoustics but also allows for personalised, modular customisation, all without the need for extensive and irreversible construction work. This adaptability extends to the placement of components like doors, windows, and ventilation, making it a perfect fit for users with specific layout preferences.

These booths are especially well-suited for recording engineers, podcasters, streamers, musicians, voice-over artists, and content creators in search of a controlled and immersive recording environment. Their modular structure ensures flexibility, catering to a wide range of applications such as recording studios, practice rooms, privacy rooms, voice-over studios, and many more. Whether you're an experienced professional or an up-and-coming talent, Esmono Isolation booths are tailored to address your unique needs, ultimately taking your creative endeavours to new and elevated heights.


The installation journey commences with a consultation led by our Esmono team. Our specialists will engage in a detailed discussion to understand your requirements, strategically determining the most effective path to achieve your desired outcome. We then conduct a site assessment to determine if the proposed space is suitable for an Esmono Isolation Booth. Once you're satisfied with the proposed design and we're content with the site assessment, the installation phase for the Esmono Isolation Booth will begin.

The installation will be carried out by our team of highly adept Esmono fitters, each boasting an impressive track record marked by the successful completion of numerous Esmono fittings. Drawing upon their extensive experience and insights garnered from a multitude of installations, our fitters are poised to deliver standout results. Every nuance, regardless of its scale, will receive meticulous attention. Driven by an unwavering dedication to precision and excellence, our fitters will meticulously address every facet of the installation process, ensuring unwavering adherence to the highest standards.

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The Esmono Isolation Booths are available in a variety of thicknesses, each catering to specific needs. We offer a 50mm option, perfect for vocal applications and isolating minimal noise. For scenarios involving amplified sound and moderate noise isolation, our 80mm variant is an excellent choice. If your requirement involves drums and the need for robust isolation against loud noises, our 100mm version is the ideal fit. For those looking for additional enhancements to the Esmono Isolation Booth, optional features include window panels that can be placed according to your preference. Another noteworthy offering is the active fan system, designed to maintain efficient airflow while upholding the booth's acoustic integrity. Additionally, there's the option of a floating floor system, isolating the Esmono Isolation Booth's floor from the surrounding room. This choice significantly enhances sound isolation capabilities.


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Prices from £8700 inc VAT + shipping and installation.