Studiospares Acoustic Panels Used to Treat Woodfield School

Studiospares Acoustic Panels Used to Treat Woodfield School
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Studiospares Acoustic Panels Used to Treat Woodfield School

We hear all the time how important acoustic treatment is for our studios, and rightly so. It helps us get the most out of our space, while greatly enhancing the recording and listening experience.

However, acoustic treatment is for much more than the studio, its effectiveness applies to any space, especially when the truest sound possible is of the utmost importance.


The Project

Service Sound was approached by Woodfield School in Kingsbury, a school they had worked with previously, having installed their PA systems. The project they had been given this time around presented a whole new challenge, it was in the gym.

For Woodfield, with a high intake of autistic students, suppressing the loud audio that quickly builds up in rooms with reflective, hard surfaces became a necessity.

In a room with a wall almost entirely consisting of a window, it was the domed ceiling that could only be fully treated realistically.

Service Sound used StudioPANEL Single Acoustic Panels 1200 x 600 x 25mm and Wall Clip / Impalers by Studiospares to get the job done. The lightweight design of the panels made them perfect for the situation and combined with the robustness of the impalers, they were comfortably attached to the ceiling.

It took two teams and one week to install, and not only did it look great from a visual standpoint, but the acoustic change it gave the room was a huge success. What was once a mean mid-band RT of 3.7 seconds, had been brought right down to a very impressive 2.3 seconds. For the students using this gym, it has made all the difference.


Who are Service Sound?

Specifically set up for schools to get the most out of their sound equipment, Service Sound ensure announcements are always heard, and staff need not spend time addressing breakages. Service Sound provides regular maintenance visits, the supply and set up of new equipment as well as integration with existing systems.

With passionate and experienced staff from a professional audio background, they are more than happy to share their knowledge on audio and acoustics, offering training wherever needed. They work closely with music departments to ensure instruments are always in good working order.

For more information on Service Sound, visit their site here.


Studiospares Acoustic Panels

Are you looking for acoustic treatment for your rooms? Get panels in black, grey, beige, burgundy and navy blue, whatever your preference may be.


StudioATK Treatment Kits

Available in kits of 12, 24, 42 and 60, the StudioATK comes with a selection of acoustic panels and wall clips.

The StudioATK kits are specifically designed to address common acoustic problems in your room or studio. These could include standing waves, reflections, and flutter echo, amongst other acoustical room anomalies. The main purpose of the StudioATK is to reduce, but not eliminate, resonance and reverberation within your room or studio. And importantly, at a much-reduced price when compared to buying the components separately.


StudioPANEL Single Acoustic Panel

Just need the panels? These bundles are for you.

Choose from 4 Sizes and 6 Colours or 2 Sizes and 2 Colours.

Comprised of lightweight, high-density compressed fibreglass covered with an acoustically transparent material, finished with a smart bevelled edge. The use of high-density fibreglass means the acoustic panels offer up to nearly 5x times greater absorption qualities than other typical low-cost foam alternatives. Effective from 150Hz and offer up to 0.12ms reflection time and up to 6dB noise reduction.


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