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What is a USB Microphone? 

A USB microphone is a standalone microphone designed to plug-in and play, it is ideal for capturing an acoustic guitar idea, recording a podcast or streaming your gaming experience. USB microphones offer convenience and accessibility as they can be plugged straight into your laptop, tablet or computer without any other hardware like pre-amps or interfaces.  

They incorporate an on-board analogue to digital processor that converts the analogue signal from the microphone into a digital signal which is transferred to the recording device via the USB cable. They often come with features on the body of the microphone that help control the gain like those on the SSL CONNEX Advanced USB Microphone and other settings usually seen on an audio interface.  

What are the Pros of USB microphones? 

The main positive of using a USB microphone is how simple it is to use, while delivering great sound quality. All you need to start recording is the microphone a computer and a pair of headphones, all of which many people already possess. They are also one of the most portable microphones on the market as you can set up and record almost anywhere, they are even compatible with most smartphones and tablets like the Rode NT-USB+ Microphone, offering even more versatility. 

Are USB microphones good for recording music? 

Yes, the Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ is particularly good for recording a single simple sound source like a vocal or a guitar, however because of this simplicity they may struggle to record more than one sound source at a time. Also recording with more than one becomes more complicated as your computer must read the two microphones as separate inputs.