Studiospares Acoustic Panels Used to Treat Woodfield School

We hear all the time how important acoustic treatment is for our studios, and rightly so. It helps us get the most out of our space, while greatly enhancing the recording and listening experience. However, acoustic treatment is for much more than the studio, its effectiveness applies to any space, especially when the truest sound possible is of the utmost importance...Read More

3 months ago
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St Albans Cathedral reflects on the IA Portable Vocal Booth

How effective can an open vocal booth perform, especially in highly reflective environments? We put the Imperative Audio PVB to the test at St Albans Cathedral to find out...Read more
4 months ago
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Artist Spotlight: Delaire The Liar

The team at Studiospares had the pleasure of collaborating with Rude Records to celebrate the release of the new EP from Delaire The Liar, ‘Eat Your Own’ at the Vans Boutique Store in Covent Garden, London...Read more

1 year ago
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Artist Spotlight: Manic Street Preachers

Welsh rock group, the Manic Street Preachers are back with their new album, ‘The Ultra Vivid Lament’, 29 years on since their debut release, ‘Generation Terrorists'. The band got in touch with us during the latter stages of recording...Read more

1 year ago
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Artist Spotlight: Kerry Glass | Borderline Toxic

For this artist spotlight, we were joined by Kerry Glass, vocalist and songwriter of up and coming band, ‘Borderline Toxic', who have just released their debut single, ‘Mr Obsanity’. 'Borderline Toxic' burst onto the scene with their powerful and unique cover of Eve & Gwen Stefani’s RnB classic, ‘Let me Blow Your Mind’, along with an accompanying music video...Read more

1 year ago
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