Artist Spotlight: Delaire The Liar

The team at Studiospares had the pleasure of collaborating with Rude Records to celebrate the release of the new EP from Delaire The Liar, ‘Eat Your Own’ at the Vans Boutique Store in Covent Garden, London...Read more

10 months ago
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Wireless Mic Systems - Which frequencies can I use?

Wireless systems allow you to transmit an audio signal directly from your mic and instrument to your amplifier or mixer, and receive a monitor signal directly to your In-Ear Monitors. These are often used at public events, on stages for live performances and far too often by bands in the rehearsal studio. Can I buy any wireless system and use it anywhere?...Read more

1 year ago
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How do you sanitise your microphones against Covid-19?

The ViolaWave Bullet is a new ground-breaking sterilising system that will kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19) on all your microphones within 3-5 minutes, and there is nothing else like the Bullet on the market at the moment...Read more

1 year ago
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When Will Live Music Return to The UK?

Whether you are a musician, performer or avid gig-goer, we are all missing live music terribly, but there is hope on the horizon! Following government guidance closely, we are all gearing up for the return of live music. Studiospares have put together this road map to keep you informed.


2 years ago
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