Make your monitors sound better with acoustics

Make your monitors sound better with acoustics
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Make your monitors sound better with acoustics

Talk|Back Live Webinar – Tuesday 10th May 2022

'Make your monitors sound better with acoustics'

with Kevin Booth, Auralex Acoustics

In this month’s Talk|Back Live Webinar on Tuesday 10th May 2022, we are joined by Kevin Booth, Director of Sales & Marketing at Auralex Acoustics, who will be talking to us about ‘How to make your monitors sound better with acoustics!’

Kevin will be deep-diving into acoustics, and how acoustic treatment will improve the sound of your monitors and your room, resulting in better mixing, mastering, recording, listening and production decisions.

Attendees will have the opportunity to put their questions to Kevin throughout the evening, and they will be answered during the Q&A segment of the webinar.

You’re welcome to submit your questions in advance here!

Register for FREE now and be in with the chance to WIN our special giveaway. We’ll also have a special offer for every attendee on the night.

Please note that there are limited spaces, so Register now for FREE and we’ll see you there!


Who are Auralex Acoustics?

Auralex Acoustics were founded in 1977 on the ethos that acoustic products at the time were far too expensive and suffered huge disadvantages. Auralex wanted to change that. 45 years on and Auralex are one of the leaders in acoustic treatment, manufacturing affordable and effective solutions to create an accurate recording and listening environment in almost any space.