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  1. Heavy-Duty Rack Flight With Wheels Case by Trojan Pro (12U/16U/20U)
    Heavy-Duty Rack Flight With Wheels Case by Trojan Pro (12U/16U/20U)
    As low as £207.99
  2. Heavy-Duty Shallow Rack Flight Case by Trojan Pro (2U/4U/8U)
    Heavy-Duty Shallow Rack Flight Case by Trojan Pro (2U/4U/8U)
    As low as £69.99
  3. ABS Shallow Rack Flight Case By Trojan Pro  (2U/4U/6U)
    ABS Shallow Rack Flight Case By Trojan Pro (2U/4U/6U)
    As low as £58.99
  4. ABS Wheeled Rack Flight Case By Trojan Pro (6U+2U/8U+2U)
    ABS Wheeled Rack Flight Case By Trojan Pro (6U+2U/8U+2U)
    As low as £105.99
  5. Wheeled Rack by Trojan Pro (8U/12U/16U)
    Wheeled Rack by Trojan Pro (8U/12U/16U)
    As low as £76.99
  6. Heavy-Duty Rack Flight Case by Trojan Pro (2U/4U/6U/8U)
    Heavy-Duty Rack Flight Case by Trojan Pro (2U/4U/6U/8U)
    As low as £81.99
  7. ABS Rack Flight Case By Trojan Pro (2U/4U/6U/8U/12U)
    ABS Rack Flight Case By Trojan Pro (2U/4U/6U/8U/12U)
    As low as £64.99
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What is a flight case? 

A flight case is a robust, protective container designed to transport and safeguard valuable audio equipment, musical instruments, and electronic devices during transit. Crafted from various materials, such as plywood, polypropylene, ABS, and aluminium, these cases incorporate foam or shock-absorbing materials to shield your equipment like the 7-Drawer Heavy Duty Wheeled Flight Case By Trojan Pro.

Why do I need a flight case for my gear? 

Flight cases are indispensable for those who prioritise the safety of their audio equipment. Here's why you should consider one: 

Protection: Flight cases provide sturdy defence against physical damage, moisture, and dust. They're purpose-built to withstand the challenges of travel, ensuring your equipment arrives unscathed. 

Durability: Engineered for longevity, flight cases feature rugged construction and reinforced corners, enduring rough handling and repeated use, making them a wise long-term investment. 

Customisation: Many flight cases can be tailored to your gear's specific dimensions, thanks to foam inserts or adjustable compartments, guaranteeing a secure and snug fit. 

What is a rack case? 

Also known as a rackmount case, a rack case is a specialised container designed to house and safeguard rack-mounted equipment such as audio processors, amplifiers, preamps, and more. Typically, 19 inches wide, they come in various heights measured in rack units or "U," providing both organisation and security for your gear. The ABS Rack Flight Case by Trojan Pro is a good example of this.

What is a rack used for in the studio? 

In a studio setting, a rack serves as a standardised housing unit for audio and electronic equipment, offering several advantages: 

Organisation: Racks maintain orderly gear placement, reducing clutter and facilitating easy access and management. 

Optimal Cooling: Many rack cases feature ventilation options, dissipating heat generated by your equipment, ensuring proper airflow, and preventing overheating. 

Mobility: Some rack cases include wheels or casters, simplifying equipment movement and studio setup adjustments. 

Easy Integration: Racks are designed to accommodate standard-sized rackmount equipment, simplifying studio expansion and component swaps as technology evolves. 

Are there different types of flight cases available for specific gear? 

Indeed, specialised flight cases are designed for specific gear types such as DJ controllers, mixers, keyboards, and more. These cases are custom-tailored to ensure a secure and snug fit for the equipment they protect. 

How do I choose the right flight case size for my gear? 

To select the appropriate flight case size, measure your equipment's dimensions, including width, height, and depth. Consider any additional accessories or cables that need storage. Opt for a flight case that offers a bit of extra space to comfortably accommodate these items. 

What are the differences between a soft case and a hard flight case? 

Soft cases, typically crafted from fabric or padded materials, offer lightweight and flexible protection, suitable for short-distance travel or light use. On the other hand, hard flight cases, are made from rigid materials like plywood, polypropylene, ABS, or aluminium, providing maximum protection, ideal for heavy-duty and long-distance transportation. 

Are there flight cases with built-in wheels and handles for easy transport? 

Absolutely, many flight cases like the 5-Drawer Dual Table Flight Case by Trojan Pro, come equipped with built-in wheels and retractable handles, facilitating convenient transportation, particularly for heavy or bulky gear. This feature enhances mobility and simplifies setup and teardown. 

What should I consider when choosing a rack case for my studio equipment? 

When selecting a rack case, keep the following factors in mind: 

Rack Unit Size: Ensure compatibility with your equipment's height in rack units or "U." 

Durability: Look for sturdy construction, reinforced corners, and secure latching mechanisms for effective gear protection. 

Ventilation: Choose a rack case with proper ventilation to prevent overheating of your rack-mounted equipment. 

Mobility: Decide if you need a rack case with wheels or casters for easy movement. 

Customisation: Consider whether you require custom modifications to accommodate specific gear or preferences. 

What is IP67 Rating? 

An IP67 rating is a standard used to specify the level of protection that a flight case offers against dust and water. In the IP67 rating, the "6" signifies complete protection against dust, and the "7" indicates that the case can be submerged in up to 1 meter (about 3.3 feet) of water for a limited time without allowing water to enter. This rating is essential for equipment like microphones that may be exposed to challenging environmental conditions during transportation or storage. The Fortis Range of IP67 Flight Cases by Trojan Pro provides IP67 protection for microphones and other important equipment.