Firewire Audio Interfaces

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What is an audio interface?

Whatever you are recording, an audio interface is an essential piece of kit for your studio setup, which allows you to connect your equipment to your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and record high-quality audio.

Why do I need an audio interface?

An audio interface allows you to convert your analogue recording signal into a digital format that is compatible with your recording software; whilst allowing you to also route audio to your choice of studio monitors and headphones.

Who needs an audio interface?

Musicians, producers, engineers, podcasters, broadcasters, voiceover artists, and live steamers require the best quality inputs, preamps and converters to get the most out of their recording setup.

Which interface do I need?

Choose from a range of brands including FocusritePreSonusSSLRODE and Audient. We have interfaces with a number of inputs and outputs to find the best solution for you to connect and record your microphones, guitars, vocals, pianos, synths, MIDI and more, no matter your budget.

The audio interface that you require depends on what you will be using it for. If you are recording a voiceover or guitar and vocals demos that only require one or two inputs simultaneously, you will likely only need a small interface, such as a 2 in/2 out. If you are recording a full band with multiple tracks of audio, or a podcast with several guests and hosts, then you will likely require something larger.

If you’re uncertain about what you need from your audio interface, then we are here to help, please contact us if you have any questions.