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What do acoustic panels do?

Often referred to as acoustic wall panels, an acoustic panel is a sound-absorbing high-density fibreglass panel that is designed to mitigate background noise and to reduce but not totally eliminate reverberations, reflections, standing waves and echo.

Where should I use acoustic wall panels and acoustic treatment?

Acoustic treatment is essential for any studio, theatre, or office space. An untreated room will cause numerous sound issues and unwanted noise interference to your audio recording, calls, and conferences, and negatively affect your listening experience. 

How much acoustic treatment do I need?

Everybody’s studio, office and space are different so there is no rule for how much acoustic treatment you require. Our acoustic kits are designed to suit various sizes of rooms, but if you’re uncertain how many kits or individual panels you require then we’re here to help so you can contact us if you have any questions.

Is acoustic treatment important?

Acoustically treating your room offers better audio integrity and sound definition, giving you a more accurate listening environment. This results in more sonically informed recording, mix and mastering decisions, with the additional benefit of a less fatiguing listening experience.

If you’re still uncertain, we have made this useful video to show you the difference between the sound of an office space with and without any acoustic treatment.

Have you considered… a vocal booth?

There are free-standing and portable options for vocalists, voice-over artists, musicians and audio professionals who require excellent sound quality in a well-acoustically treated environment, but don't necessarily have access to a recording studio. Check out the  Imperative Audio Portable Vocal Booth and custom-built Esmono Booths!

Contact us if you have any questions about acoustically treating your environment.

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