The Talk|Back Live Webinar - Rachael Naylor

Talk|Back Live Webinar – Tuesday 5th October 2021

‘Do you want to work in the voiceover industry?’
with Rachael Naylor


In this month’s Talk|Back Live Webinar on Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 7pm, we are joined by Rachael Naylor of The VoiceOver Network who will be talking about ‘Do you want to work in the voiceover industry?’.


Rachael Naylor is an accomplished voiceover artist, actor, writer, award-winning entrepreneur and founder of The VoiceOver Network.


The VoiceOver Network began in July 2013 when Rachael Naylor started organising small meetups with her fellow voiceover artists but realised very quickly how useful they were as an informal industry networking opportunity, particularly within an industry that can be isolating. Rachael started running events on a regular monthly basis in central London and they’ve grown in size and popularity ever since, with their events selling out in less than an hour. These events aren’t just for voiceover artists, but for anyone who works in the voiceover industry.


Rachael will be covering several common and important questions. Attendees will have the opportunity to put their questions to Rachael during the Q&A section of the Webinar.


Register for FREE now and be in with the chance to WIN in our special giveaway. We’ll also have a special offer for every attendee on the night.


Please note that there are limited spaces, so Register now for FREE and we’ll see you there 


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