NAMM 2021 - Gibson launches all in one smartphone app for guitarists

NAMM 2021 - Gibson launches all in one smartphone app for guitarists
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It’s full steam ahead at Gibson, as they've taken to the Believe in Music virtual show to launch their new smartphone app that provides users with real-time augmented reality guitar lessons, guitar tech tutorials, tuner and more. The world of guitar now in your pocket.


Whether you’re just starting out of getting ready to play, the Gibson app is promised to be something any level of guitarist should have on their smartphone. The Gibson app can be broken into three sections: Learn, Watch and Shop.



The Gibson apps main feature is its interactive guitar lessons for all skill levels in your choice of style. It’s an immersive and interactive learning tool that moves away from players playing along to static video and aims to produce a natural feeling that’s inspirational and a fun experience. The lessons use real-time augmented reality that aids in an empowering and engaging experience, when in a lesson you’ll hear yourself on stage with a virtual band, plus the app listens to your playing and gives you feedback whilst you play.

There’s much opportunity to progress with the Gibson app, as it offers users access to the full learning curriculum with clear goals and graphs that monitor your progression. You’ll also be able to set a practice routine that fits around your pace and lifestyle. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get access to Gibson’s tech corner, where you can get a live, one-on-one video consultation with a Gibson instrument technician if you run into any trouble with your instrument or want any maintenance tips. Lastly, the app features an in-built tuner, saving you having to carry a tuner pedal everywhere you go.



Within the Gibson app, you’ll have direct access to Gibson TV, their award-winning online network, featuring the original series that take you behind the scenes with legendary guitarists, craftsmen, and producers.



Lastly, there is Shop. In here you’ll be able to shop from all of Gibson’s brands that include Epiphone, Kramer and more.


The Gibson app is available now for iOS and Android for free and for more details head over to

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