Studiospares Pro Dual Passive DI Box

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Out flagship DI box for ultimate reliability, sound quality, and versatility.

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This flagship model is one of the most flexible DI boxes on the market, able to take two speaker, instrument, or line-level signals and convert them into balanced XLR microphone-level outputs, for use both on stage and in the studio.
The dual design avoids using two DI boxes where the outputs may be slightly different.

The back of the device has 2 speaker-level jack sockets (one input, one link out) and each side has 3 jack sockets, one instrument-level input, one instrument link output, and a line-level input:

  • The instrument input (max. 1V) is meant for low-level, high-impedance signals coming from passive guitar or bass pickups. The nominal impedance is 100 kΩ and the attenuation is −20 dB.
  • The instrument link is a true bypass output for sending the guitar or bass signal back into the amplifier.
  • The Line input (closest to the XLR connectors) is meant for unbalanced, low-impedance, line-level (max. 10V) audio signals coming from mixers, computers, headphone outputs in portable recorders and media players. The nominal impedance is 8 kΩ and the attenuation is −40 dB.
  • The "Speaker In" is a high level input (max 100V) suitable for use with small guitar and bass amp heads and even loudspeaker circuits (including 100V line public address amplifier outputs) with a "Link Out" to feed back into the passive speaker. The nominal impedance is 100 kΩ and the attenuation is −60 dB.

Problem earth loops are resolved by independent earth lift switches on each side.
The product is housed in a sturdy, die-cast aluminium box for ultimate reliability.