Dual Passive DI Box by Lambden Audio

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  • The Dual Passive DI Box by Lambden Audio, a classic design merged with the latest technology.
  • Features 2 mono jack-ins and 2 mono jack parallel outs.
  • A dual version of one of our best sellers.
  • Frequently live under musicians' feet and operate close to lighting circuits.
  • This model incorporates a low-loss transformer with a flat response right through the audio range and beyond.
  • Cables can be routed under the box which saves tripping.
  • Recessed switches design out broken toggle switches.
  • Features rubber corner bumpers, invaluable on stage.
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Dual Passive DI Box by Lambden Audio

The classic design of the DI Box with modern technology features make it a must-have for any musician or audio professional. With a strong, diecast aluminum construction and superior screening capabilities, this DI Box effectively tackles the challenges of operating near lighting circuits and other sources of interference.

In addition, this DI Box features convenient direct output links for connecting to other electronic devices, as well as an XLR output and ground lift switches for resolving hum loops and grounding issues. Its compact design allows for easy cable management and the recessed switches and rubber corner bumpers ensure reliable performance on stage.


Versatile Connectivity, Superior Performance

The Dual Passive DI Box features 2 mono jack-ins, 2 mono jack parallel outs, and 2 XLR outs. Passive DI box design centres around an isolation transformer. This model by Lambden Audio incorporates a low-loss transformer with a flat response right through the audio range and beyond. Good DI boxes are designed to cover a huge range of signal levels from a few thousandths of a volt to 100 volts. The input sensitivity can be switched to any of three voltage ranges, Hi impedance instrument, line, and speaker inputs.


Do you need a DI Box?

Need to connect your electric guitar, electric piano, or electric bass to your mixing console’s mic input? If so, a DI Box is just what you’re looking for. For example, when using an electric bass or acoustic guitar a DI is usually preferred to using a microphone on an amplifier. This is because these instruments are often valued in a mix for being clean.

A Direct Injection (DI) unit converts unbalanced, high-impedance signals into balanced, low-impedance signals. This allows you to insert an instrument signal directly into a preamp, mixer, or recorder at the right impedance for cleaner sounds and lower noise.


Which DI Box do you need?

Passive DI boxes mostly use a balun audio transformer to convert impedance, electrically separate windings in the input and output stages isolate ground-level voltages and eliminate ground loops.

Simple, durable, and reliable, they only contain a transformer and a few resistors and remove the existing static from your sound. The simple circuitry easily isolates the signal from your instrument and converts it into XLR, with no noise added. The longevity of Passive DI boxes is incredible, and you can guarantee that they won’t let you down when you need them.

You’ll never have to worry about battery life as they use the power from your instrument, no matter the length of your cord. As they don’t require power to operate, they attenuate signals instead of amplifying them.


When to use your DI Box?

Passive DI boxes are excellent for instruments with strong outputs. If you have an active instrument, with a preamp inside it, a Passive DI box should be utilized. Using a keyboard? Your Passive DI box won’t interfere with your sound at all.


Key Features:

  • Ground Lift Switch
  • Parallel out
  • Input Pad switch 0db, -20db, -40db
  • Stereo or dual-mono operation

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