Wavebone Wing Rackmount Case

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  • The Wavebone Wing Rackmount Case provides ample space with its 10U rack capacity, allowing you to accommodate a wide range of equipment and components.
  • Experience quick and comfortable decision-making with the ergonomic top-loaded design. This intuitive design ensures seamless accessibility and efficiency.
  • The anti-resonant vented enclosure effectively prevents unwanted resonance build-up and ensures optimal cooling for your gear. Say goodbye to overheating concerns and enjoy pristine audio quality.
  • Expand your gear collection while maintaining a consistent aesthetic with the mountable design of the Wavebone Wing Rackmount Case.
  • Enjoy maximum portability with the Wavebone Wing Rackmount Case, equipped with convenient handles and built-in wheels. Effortlessly transport your equipment wherever you go.
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Wavebone Wing Rackmount Case

The Wavebone Wing Rackmount Case offers ultimate protection and versatility for your valuable equipment, with the option to use the unit as a top-loaded rack for easy access or lay the unit down for a more traditional rack interface experience. It ensures secure storage and transport with a spacious 10U rack space, ergonomic top-loaded design, and anti-resonance features. The case is compatible with mountable extensions and is equipped with handles and wheels, providing effortless portability, allowing you to change and expand your setup in any way that suits you.


A New Workflow

The ergonomic top-loaded design of the Wavebone Wing Rackmount Case offers numerous advantages compared to traditional front-loaded cases. Its top-loading access makes equipment installation and removal easier and more convenient, reducing strain on your back and arms. With improved visibility and accessibility to the equipment, you can stay in front of your monitors while making changes to your gear which allows you to make creative decisions without having to second-guess yourself. This design also simplifies cable management and troubleshooting tasks, providing a more streamlined and efficient workflow so you can put being creative first. 


Expansion Made Easy

The Wavebone Wing Rackmount Case features a mountable design, allowing you to expand your setup as needed with the built-in mounting system. This gives you the ability to mount additional Wing Rackmount Case extensions so that you can customise your workspace to suit your requirements. It perfectly complements the Wavebone Headquarter workstation, offering seamless integration and a cohesive aesthetic.  


Key Features

  • 10U Rack Space
  • Ergonomic Top Loaded Design 
  • Anti-Resonation Design
  • Mountable Extension Capabilities
  • Perfect match for the Wavebone Headquarter Desk
  • Handles and wheels for portability 

Width(W):   20.7in (52.6 cm)

Height(H):   19.68 in (50 cm)   with feet pads - 20 in (50.8 cm)

Depth(D):   26.85 in (68.2 cm)