Wavebone Satel 13U Rackmount Case

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  • The Wavebone Satel 13U Rackmount Case effortlessly combines style and functionality, providing the ideal balance for your rack mounting needs.
  • The Satel offers adaptability to suit your environment, allowing you to mount your gear either from the front or side of the unit, ensuring seamless compatibility with your specific setup.
  • The Anti-Resonant design of the Satel effectively minimises resonance build-up, ensuring optimal sound quality, while also providing efficient temperature management for your racked gear.
  • With its robust structure and elegant design, the Satel not only enhances the aesthetic of any space it occupies but also guarantees long-lasting functionality.
  • The inclusion of anti-skid foot pads in the Satel ensures that your gear will be securely racked without any unexpected slipping, providing peace of mind and stability.
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Wavebone Satel 13U Rackmount Case

The Wavebone Satel 13U Rackmount Case is a high-quality rack mount solution offering exceptional protection and convenience for your equipment. With its 13U rack space, you have ample room to accommodate your devices. The case provides multiple mounting options, allowing for versatile installation to suit your specific needs. Its removable side panels not only help achieve the optimal anti-resonance level but also aid in heat dissipation, making your room sound as good as possible while protecting your gear.

The classic wood and metal design not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures durability. The sturdy structure guarantees reliable protection during transport and storage. Equipped with anti-skid foot pads, the case stays firmly in place, preventing accidents. Choose the Wavebone Satel 13U Rackmount Case for superior functionality, reliability, and style, perfect for studio engineers and producers.


Anyway You Want It

The Wavebone Satel 13U Rackmount Case offers versatile mounting options on multiple sides, allowing you to customise the placement of your gear. Whether you prefer front or side mounting, this case accommodates your needs. The removable side panels provide several advantages to the user. Firstly, they prevent resonance build-up, resulting in a purer sound quality in your space. Additionally, the panels act as vents, facilitating proper airflow and temperature regulation within the rack. This helps prevent overheating and ensures optimal performance of your racked gear. With the convenience of removable side panels, you can effortlessly access and maintain your equipment while enjoying enhanced audio quality and temperature control.


Extend Your Workflow 

The Wavebone Satel 13U Rackmount Case is ingeniously crafted to seamlessly integrate with the Headquarter Workstation and Star Rover Desk, offering an exceptional extension to your professional setup. Designed with precision and compatibility in mind, this rackmount case seamlessly aligns with the aesthetic and functionality of the Headquarter Workstation and Star Rover Desk. The thoughtful design allows for easy installation and secure attachment, creating a cohesive and unified workspace. With this integration, you can conveniently incorporate your essential equipment into the overall workstation setup, ensuring an organised and efficient workflow. 


Key Features 

  • 13U Rack Space
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Removable Side Panels 
  • Classic Wood And Metal Design 
  • Study and High-Quality Structure 
  • Anti-Skid Foot Pads

Width (W):   44.68 in (113.5 cm)

Height (H):   29.92 in (76 cm)

Depth (D):   19.68 in (50 cm)

Width (W2):   20.86 in (53 cm)

Rack Width (W3):   19.29 in (49 cm)

Desktop Thickness (DT ):   0.708 in (1.8 cm)

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