Introducing Wavebone - Luxury Studio Furniture

Introducing Wavebone - Luxury Studio Furniture
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Introducing Wavebone - Luxury Studio Furniture

Studiospares is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Wavebone, the trailblazing brand behind premium recording studio furniture. This partnership brings forth a new era of possibilities for recording enthusiasts, offering them access to an extensive range of high-quality studio furnishings.

Defining Excellence

Wavebone has earned its reputation for revolutionising the recording studio furniture landscape. With an unwavering focus on functionality, ergonomic design, and aesthetic allure, Wavebone products have captured the hearts of industry professionals and home studio owners alike. Their meticulous use of top-tier materials and attention to detail ensures that every piece not only exudes style but also stands resilient against the rigours of a recording environment.

Studio Solutions for Every Need

Studiospares, dedicated to offering cutting-edge equipment, is proud to include Wavebone's product line in its inventory. From spacious workstations that cater to sprawling projects to cleverly designed compact setups for space-conscious studios, Wavebone's selection promises solutions tailored to various recording environments.


Elevate your productivity with Wavebone's expansive desks and compact desks, meticulously crafted to accommodate all your gear while maintaining an organised workspace. Customisable options, cable management solutions, and ample room make these desks an essential asset for any studio.

Headquarter Workstation

this desk is the epitome of style, functionality, and studio productivity. Designed with the modern professional in mind, this exceptional workstation desk combines sleek aesthetics with practical studio features such as dedicated ports for cable management and multiple levels to place your gear in the optimal position, making it the perfect addition to any creative workspace.


Star Rover Workstation 

The Wavebone Star Rover Workstation Studio Desk is a remarkable and versatile desk designed specifically for creative professionals and music enthusiasts working in smaller environments but don’t want to settle for less. 


Monitor stands

Wavebone Monitor Stands are precision-crafted for flawless sound. Ergonomic, anti-vibration design. Perfect for pros, enhancing studio setups with accurate audio reproduction. Ideal for creators who demand top-tier quality.

Grand Gemini

These premium speaker stands are meticulously designed for stability and to ensure optimal sound projection in your professional studio setup. Crafted with durable materials, they minimise vibrations and unwanted resonance, allowing your monitors to deliver accurate and clear audio reproduction so you can confidently make creative decisions.



The Gemini Clamp Monitor Stands are crafted for premium build quality, enhancing studio aesthetics. Effortless usability with a clamp design for optimal speaker placement. Maximize space without compromising on sound precision.


Rack Cases

Protect your valuable equipment while optimising your workflow. Wavebone's rack cases offer unmatched durability and anti-resonance design, ensuring your gear's safety during transportation and storage.


The case provides multiple mounting options, allowing for versatile installation to suit your specific needs. Its removable side panels not only help achieve the optimal anti-resonance level but also aid in heat dissipation, making your room sound as good as possible while protecting your gear.



The Wavebone Wing Rackmount Case offers ultimate protection and versatility for your valuable equipment, with the option to use the unit as a top-loaded rack for easy access or lay the unit down for a more traditional rack interface experience.



The Wavebone Fin 13U Rackmount Case features an ergonomic angular body, offering several advantages over the traditional straight design. The angled shape provides improved accessibility and visibility to your equipment, making it easier to monitor and access controls.



Experience comfort during extended recording sessions with Wavebone's ergonomic chairs. These adjustable, sleek designs blend seamlessly with your studio's aesthetic while promoting optimal posture and reduced fatigue.

Voyager II

The Wavebone Voyager II Mesh Seat combines comfort and breathability for an exceptional seating experience. With its ergonomic design and mesh material, it provides optimal support and promotes airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable during long hours of sitting. The adjustable features allow you to customise the seat to your preference, ensuring proper posture and reducing strain. Available in mesh and foam options.



Designed specifically for studio environments and home offices, this chair offers unrivalled adjustability, ensuring optimal posture and support and promoting healthy working and making longer sessions much more comfortable.


Keyboard Stands

Position your keyboards and controllers securely with Wavebone's reliable stands. Adjustable heights and easy setup cater to various playing preferences.

Hover 900

The Wavebone Hover Manual Keyboard Stand 900 features a spacious and durable work surface, ideal for various applications such as music production, studio recording, gaming, and office work.


Hover 1400

The Wavebone Hover Manual Keyboard Stand 1400 offers an exceptional keyboard and synth-playing experience. With its adjustable height, convenient mobility, and sturdy metal frame design, it provides optimal comfort and stability to suit your changing needs.


"We are excited to bring Wavebone's exceptional studio furniture to our customers," says Dave West, Managing Director at Studiospares. "With their innovative designs and commitment to quality, Wavebone products align perfectly with our goal of providing the best studio equipment options."

Explore the Wavebone collection at and embark on a journey to redefine your studio experience. Elevate your creativity with the harmonious fusion of innovation and luxury.