Studiospares RED504 Microphone Combiner

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A proper microphone combiner using a transformer, not resistors. Superbly engineered from a die cast aluminium extrusion with metal endplates...
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Sorry - this product is no longer available
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Sorry - this product is no longer available
We've listed some links below to help you find a similar product.


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Studiospares RED504 Microphone Combiner

The Studiospares RED504 is a single channel passive line converter much like the RED503, it combines 2x XLR inputs into a single 1x XLR output.



The RED504 features the same high-quality build specification that the RED500 series is renowned for with over 20 years of design refinement behind its design. Manufactured from die-cast aluminium, with metal endplates that the sockets and switches are mounted to, the RED504 will survive under the heaviest of treatments while in any recording studio or out on the road touring situation.


The left side of the unit locates 2x XLR input sockets and individual phantom power switches. This allows phantom power to be sent from the mixer to the unit to power condenser microphones. Located on the right-hand side of the unit is a single 1x XLR output socket and an earth lift switch, perfect for keeping any noise or interference, free from the conversion of the unit.


The benefit of the RED504 over the RED503 is this ability to power both condenser microphones and dynamic, opening the realm of possibilities and choice for you while using the unit.


Additionally, all inputs and outputs are fully isolated from each other via the built-in transformer, to ensure you with the quietest and best quality of conversions.


With the unit being passive, no power supply with be needed for the use of the unit. Some applications of the RED504 would include dual micing of percussion instruments, vocals or choirs and even instrument amplifiers.


Available in the RED 500 series are -

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Studiospares RED503 Passive Line Combiner (Code - 458220)
Studiospares RED504 Microphone Combiner (Code - 458230)
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Studiospares RED506 Microhpone Splitter (Code - 458250)

More Information

2x XLR Inputs
1x XLR Output
2x individual Phantom Power on/off switches
Earth lift switch
Maximum input +20dBu at 1kHz and 15dB at 50Hz
Response only 0.15dB down at 20Hz and 20kHz