Studiospares RED506 Mic Splitter

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A proper microphone splitter using a transformer, not resistors. superbly engineered from a die cast aluminium extrusion with metal endplates...
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Studiospares RED506 Mic Splitter

The Studiospares RED506 is a professional quality standalone microphone splitter.


The RED500 series has become renowned for its incredible high specification build quality, with over 20 years of design refinement. The RED506 is no exception to, by being manufactured from die-cast aluminium and having metal endplates and sockets. The RED506 will undoubtedly survive any treatment, whether it’s being used night after night on tour or in the recording studio. Some examples of applications for the RED506 include live broadcasting or recording, press conferences, and even on-stage monitoring.



Moving to the layout of this microphone splitter, on the right-hand-side of the RED506 there is 1x female XLR input socket. The input circuit is line level and can also be used as an isolation transformer for longer audio feeds.


There is 1x male XLR direct output. This essentially means the RED506 can be included in any circuit without losing the signal path. This allows you to keep the original signal path while splitting the signal.


On the RED506 you will find a phase reverse switch not seen on the RED505 unit. Onto the left side of the unit, where you will find 2 male XLR outputs that are transformer coupled. In addition, there are two ground lift switches to help combat ground loops and minimise any interference and unwanted noise.

Lastly, all the unit’s inputs and outputs are fully isolated from each other via the built-in transformer, eliminating interference from SCR lighting dimmers, radio transmitters and even AC power wiring for example. The result being high-quality conversion and excellent performance. Like the Studiospares RED505, the RED506 is passive and does not require any power supply.


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More Information

1x XLR Input
1x XLR Direct output
2x XLR Outputs
2x individual ground lift switches
1x Phase reverse switch
Maximum input level +24dBu at 1kHz and + 18dBu at 50Hz
Insertion loss less than 0.1dB into 50k ohms and less than 1.5dB into 600ohms