8 Channel Mic Splitter - Studiospares RED800

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Professional 8-Channel Microphone Splitter
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Studiospares RED800 8 Channel microphone splitter

The RED800 is a transformer isolated 8 channel splitter. Each input on the front is linked to a direct output and an isolated output at the rear of the unit.

  • Problems of hums and buzzes are eliminated by the isolation of the transformers and the provision of individual channel ground lift switches.
  • Line level signals will not overload the circuitry thanks to the inclusion of a -40dB attenuation pad.
  • Front panel switches allow individual channels to be set to provide two balanced outputs by linking the input of a pair of channels. i.e. channel 3 can be linked to channel 4.
  • Makes providing an additional isolated microphone signal a breeze
  • The "link out" output is a direct connection and passes phantom power; the "out" is a transformer-isolated duplicated out.


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