Wavebone Star Rover Cable Tray

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  • The Star Rover Cable Tray is the solution to cable clutter, neatly concealing and organising your cables for a tidy and organised workspace, keeping them out of sight and out of mind.
  • With seamless integration and a matching finish, the Cable Tray for the Star Rover Desk blends flawlessly into the desk's design. It maintains a cohesive look without appearing out of place, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your workspace.
  • Experience a more creatively stimulating environment with the Cable Tray for the Star Rover Desk. By reducing visual clutter and organising your cables, it helps clear your mind and inspire focus. Create freely and boost your productivity with a clean and clutter-free workspace.
  • Attaching the Star Rover Cable Tray is a breeze. Its user-friendly design ensures effortless installation, making cable management a simple task.
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Wavebone Star Rover Cable Tray

The Cable Tray for the Star Rover Desk by Wavebone is the perfect accessory to keep your workspace clean and organised, allowing you to keep your full focus on creativity. Designed specifically for the Star Rover Desk, this cable tray efficiently manages and conceals cables, preventing them from tangling or cluttering your workstation. With its sturdy construction and easy installation, it seamlessly integrates into the desk's design. Say goodbye to cable mess and enjoy a clutter-free workspace that promotes productivity and a clean aesthetic.


Key Features

  • Sleek powder-coated finish.
  • Easy to attach. 
  • Cable management integration 
  • A seamless addition to the star rover desk

Width(W):   31.4 in (80 cm)

Height(H):   4.72 in (12.7 cm)

Depth(D):   2.63 in (6.7 cm)

Wire Hole:   3.93 in x 2.75 in (10 x 7 cm)

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