Wavebone Hover Manual Keyboard Stand 1400 Wood

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  • The Wavebone Hover Manual Keyboard Stand 1400 combines durability and versatility, making it an ideal choice for supporting heavy-duty keyboards.
  • Whether sitting or standing, this stand has got you covered. Adjust the height effortlessly using the convenient hand crank, providing over 9 inches of additional elevation to suit your preference.
  • With a generous weight capacity of 70kg, the W140cm x D40cm surface can accommodate a wide range of heavy-duty equipment, allowing you to place multiple items securely.
  • The metal and wood finish exudes a classic and stylish charm, making it a perfect fit for any environment, whether it's modern or traditional.
  • Equipped with built-in handles and caster wheels, the Wavebone Hover Manual Keyboard Stand 1400 offers convenient mobility, allowing you to effortlessly adjust its position to meet your specific needs.
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Wavebone Hover Manual Keyboard Stand 1400

 The Wavebone Hover Manual Keyboard Stand 1400 offers an exceptional keyboard and synth-playing experience. With its adjustable height, convenient mobility, and sturdy metal frame design, it provides optimal comfort and stability to suit your changing needs. Enjoy seamless transitions and precise positioning to suit your playing style. Maximize your creativity and musical expression with this versatile keyboard stand.


A Work Surface For Everyone

The Wavebone Hover Manual Keyboard Stand 1400 offers a spacious and sturdy work surface that accommodates various applications. With its ample size (Width 140cm, Depth 40cm), it provides enough space for keyboards, synthesizers, laptops, pedalboards, and other musical equipment. This versatile stand is suitable for musicians, producers, composers, and anyone involved in music production or live performances. Whether you're a professional musician or an aspiring artist, the work surface of this stand provides a stable and comfortable platform to unleash your creativity and enhance your musical workflow. 


Superior Adjustability

The Wavebone Hover Manual Keyboard Stand 1400 features a height-adjusting hand crank, allowing you to easily customise the keyboard's height to your preference. With over 9 inches of height adjustment, you can find the perfect playing position for comfort and ergonomics. Whether you prefer sitting or standing, this stand provides flexible and convenient adjustability to enhance your playing experience.  


Key Features

  • Hight Adjusting Hand Crank
  • Over 9 Inches Of Height Adjustment
  • Easy Movability With Built-in Handles 
  • Maximum weight limit of 70kg
  • Sturdy metal frame design 
  • Caster Wheels With Breaks 
IP67 No
  • Width (W1 ) : 55.11 in (140 cm)
  • Height (H) : 20.47-29.52 in (52-75 cm)
  • Depth (D) : 15.74 in (40 cm)
  • Desktop Thickness: 0.708 in (1.8 cm)