Sonodyne SRP600 6.5" Monitor

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The SRP 600 is a new near field active reference monitor in the Sonodyne SRP line. The SRP 600 monitor adds loudness, clarity and bottom end compared to the SRP 500.
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Sonodyne SRP600 6.5” Monitor


The SRP 600 is a new near field active reference monitor in the Sonodyne SRP line. The SRP 600 monitor adds loudness, clarity and bottom end compared to the SRP 500.


The SRP 600’s enclosure is comprised of pressure die-cast aluminium that maximizes rigidity and lends it a unique form. The silk dome tweeter is nested in a custom waveguide to produce on and off-axis linearity and a wide, detailed soundstage.


The 6.5” Kevlar woofer produces deep bass and exceptional transient response. A new 80 + 50-watt bi amplifier drives the transducers optimally while providing adequate headroom and dynamics.


The SRP 600 features an impressive maximum SPL that measures at 108dB, DSP based internal processing with high-quality ADC and DAC is employed for the crossover. On the rear of the SRP 600 you’ll find 0.75dB step calibrated HF and LF room compensation EQs for dialling in the perfect sound for whatever room you are in.


On the front of the SRP 600 is a level control ranging from mute to +6dB with a centre detent at 0dB. While on the rear and bottom on the monitor there are tapped inserts for various mounting options. The SRP 600 accepts both XLR and TRS balanced inputs and is available in the following durable powder coat finishes: rich black, charcoal grey or snow white.


Key Features:

  • Rigid Aluminium die-cast enclosure
  • Class AB: Bi amplifier
  • 6.5” Kevlar woofer
  • 1” HF in custom waveguide
  • Discrete EQ in 0.75 dB steps
  • Internal DSP balance



The Sonodyne SRP active monitor line has a vast number of professional endorsees that have won and been nominated for Grammy awards whilst working with massive acts that include Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé to name a few. Such names of these incredible endorsees include:


Eddie Kramer, Bob Power, Leslie Brathwaite, Tom Lord Alge, Mark Tufty Evans, Josh Blair, Kyle Shearer, Jayson Deyzuzio, Digital Farm Animals, Big Taste, Louiz Banks, Tom Van Achte, Xavier Redeye, Andriy Khlyvnyuk & more.

Check out these Sonodyne endorsee testimonies here.

More Information

Description: 2-way bi amplifier speaker

Enclosure: Pressure die-cast aluminium, vented, through front-firing aerodynamic port

Transducer Complements – HF: Magnetically shielded 26mm silk dome tweeter with custom waveguide

Transducer Complements – LF: Magnetically shielded 6.5” Kevlar cone woofer in die-cast chassis

Amplifier Power Before Clipping: LF: 80 W, HF: 50 W

Amplifier THD at Rated Power: < 0.04%

MAX SPL @ 1M: 107 dB

Frequency Response: 48 Hz ~ 21 kHz (+/- 2 dB)

Usable Frequency Range (-10 dB): 42 Hz ~ 25 kHz

Crossover Frequency: 2 kHz

CMRR: >65 dB

Inputs: Fully balanced through XLR & TRS sockets

Input Level for 90 dB SPL @ 1M: +7 dBU

Controls – FRONT: Power Switch and Gain Control

Controls – REAR: Low shelving, High shelving, Bass roll-off

Protection: Over-current, Overheat, RFI, Switch on/ off transients

Indicator: Power ON /OFF

Gain Control Range: -70 dB ~ +10 dB, 0 dB at (detented) centre

High Shelving EQ: 4 kHz ~ 20 kHz, -3 dB ~ +3 dB in 0.75 dB steps

Low Shelving EQ: 50 Hz ~ 250 Hz, -3 dB ~ +3 dB in 0.75 dB steps

Bass Roll-Off: 80 Hz, 12 dB/ octave

Signal to Noise Ratio (at Unity Gain): > 90 dB, referred to full output

Finish: Powder coated (grey/white/black)

Dimensions (HxWxD) mm: 340 x 250 x 240

Power Consumption: 175 VA Max.

Power Requirement: 230 VAC, ±10%, 50 Hz, 120 V optional

Net Weight: 11.9 kg

Wall Mount Bracket: SRP WB2

Mounting Options: 2 x M6 inserts on the rear, 4 x M6 inserts on the bottom