LA-8S Active Studio Subwoofer by Lambden Audio

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  • The LA-8S Active Studio Subwoofer by Lambden Audio, are designed for professional and project studios, musicians, producers, and content creators.
  • Precision-engineered studio monitors delivering authentic sound reproduction and audio clarity without the distractions of unecessary tech, ensuring accurate sound representation for confident decision-making.
  • With the LA-X line, enjoy uncoloured, highly defined audio that empowers you to mix and master with precision and consistency.
  • Effortlessly integrate the LA-X monitors into your setup with flexible input options and sleek, user-friendly design.
  • 3-Year Extended Warranty on all products in the LA-X Studio Monitor Range by Lambden Audio. 
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LA-8S Active Studio Subwoofer by Lambden Audio

The LA-8S subwoofer by Lambden Audio – Feel your mix. 
The LA-8S subwoofer by Lambden Audio enhances your audio experience by faithfully reproducing crucial low-end frequencies that may go unheard otherwise. This enables you to accurately assess the depth, richness and consistency of your audio's lower register, providing a solid foundation for confident creative decisions without any guesswork and making it easier to get good results quicker. 
The LA-8S subwoofer offers an immersive audio experience that goes beyond just hearing sound – you can feel it too. This makes it ideal for almost everyone in the studio. Producers and engineers will appreciate the ability to ensure mix consistency, particularly when working with electronic music. Sound designers can deliver fully immersive audio experiences, enhancing the impact of their creations. Additionally, gamers can take their gaming setups to the next level with the enhanced audio provided by the LA-8S subwoofer. 


Hear It and Feel It

The LA-8S offers a frequency response from 40Hz to 200Hz, enabling you to perceive not just audibly but also physically feel the lower frequencies in your audio. This capability is crucial for accurately judging the lower end of your audio spectrum, allowing you to make informed creative decisions about the low end without the guesswork.


Simple Straightforward Connectivity

Setting up the LA-8S is incredibly straightforward! Simply unbox, connect full-range monitors like the LA-6X, the LA-8X and your audio interface, power it up, and you’re all set to experience your audio in a whole new way. Additionally, the LA-8S includes a phase flipping switch to ensure perfect alignment of your monitoring setup, enhancing your listening experience to its fullest potential. 


The Perfect Collaboration  

The LA-8S subwoofer is compatible with various full-range monitors, but Lambden Audio has specifically optimised it to complement the LA-6X and the LA-8X. With the LA-8S, you have the flexibility to adjust the crossover point between the LA-X monitors and the subwoofer according to your preferences. The high pass setting automatically selects a crossover point that suits most users, while the low pass filter control allows you to manually set the crossover for precise customization to perfectly match your needs. 

Don’t just hear your mix. Feel your mix! 


Key Features

  • A frequency response from 40Hz to 200Hz to uncover your bottom end.
  • Multiple options for setting crossover to suit your specific needs.
  • Matches perfectly with the LA-X range of studio monitors by Lambden Audio.
  • Polarity invert switch to perfectly set the phase of your monitoring set-up. 
  • A simple user interface with flexible connectivity. 
  • 3-Year Extended Warranty on all products in the LA-X Studio Monitor Range by Lambden Audio. 


3-Year Warranty Included

Lambden Audio are proud to offer a 3-Year Warranty on all products in the LA-X Studio Monitor Range by Lambden Audio. Please complete this form after a successful purchase to register your products for the 3-Year Warranty. Terms & Conditions Apply.


LF Driver:    8"

HF Driver:   N/A

Frequency Response:   40Hz - 200Hz

Crossover Frequency:   50Hz-150Hz

Amplifiers Type:   Class AB

LF Power AMP:   100W Peak Power

Sensitivity:   +4Bu, -10dBv

Phase Switch   0° or 180°

High Pass Filter Switch:   On/Off

Input Type:   2xTRS, 2xRCA

Output Type:   2xTRS, 2xRCA

Voltage:   220-240V~ 50Hz or 110-120V~ 60Hz

Dimenions:   W 250mm, H 298mm, D 323mm