LA-6X Active Studio Monitor Essential Bundle by Lambden Audio

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  • LA-6X Active Studio Monitor Essential Bundle by Lambden Audio, includes: LA-6X Active Studio Monitor and SoloCTRL Studio Monitor Controller.
  • The LA-6X Active Studio Monitor by Lambden Audio, designed to deliver the highest-quality listening experience without the hype of sometimes unnecessary tech.
  • Precision-engineered studio monitors delivering authentic sound reproduction and audio clarity without the distractions of unnecessary tech, ensuring accurate sound representation for confident decision-making.
  • With the LA-X line, enjoy uncoloured, highly defined audio that empowers you to mix and master with precision and consistency.
  • Effortlessly integrate the LA-X monitors into your setup with flexible input options and sleek, user-friendly design.
  • 3-Year Extended Warranty on all products in the Lambden Audio LA-X Studio Monitor Range. 
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LA-6X Active Studio Monitor Essential Bundle by Lambden Audio

The LA-8X Active Studio Monitor Essential Bundle by Lambden Audio, includes: LA-8X Active Studio Monitor and SoloCTRL Studio Monitor Controller.


LA-6X Active Studio Monitor by Lambden Audio

The new Lambden Audio LA-X studio monitors deliver an accurate and transparent sound for all discerning audio professionals. The LA-6X and LA-8X are an excellent fit for professional, home and project studios, broadcast, post-production, and immersive environments.


Honesty All The Way

The bi-amped (RMS: 50W/20W) LA-6X monitor features a 6.5” LF driver and 1” silk dome HF driver, and delivers a consistent, honest, detailed, and non-fatiguing reproduction of your audio allowing you to make sonically informed decisions when recording and mixing.


The LA-6X is equally at home on a console meter-bridge, a home and project studio desk or in a truck at a gig; and it’s for this reason that the LA-6X includes XLR, TRS (Jack) and RCA (Phono) inputs giving you versatile and absolute connectivity with almost any analogue studio set up.



Lambden Audio’s LA-X range of monitors have been designed specifically to deliver you the highest-quality listening experience using tested and reliable technology. Just pure and simple clarity you can rely on. 
The smooth, accurate and punchy sound is achieved in part due to its impressive frequency response of 43Hz - 20kHz, and while the LA-6X gives you a flat and even response, it also features an LF and HF trim (+/- 2bB) for additional tuning. 


Total Control

For those lower frequencies, the LA-6X can be used with the new Lambden Audio LA-8S 8” subwoofer. And by adding the Lambden Audio SoloCTRL monitor controller, you will have the full and complete monitoring solution at your fingertips.

Direct Means Affordable

Having listened to the Lambden Audio LA-6X, you’d be right to ask why a studio monitor of this class has such an affordable price tag, and the answer is simple. 
As with all Lambden Audio products, the LA-6X is manufactured by our partners who have a wealth of experience in building quality studio monitors. We then import them directly to the UK where they are quality checked, tested and are then made ready for you to buy direct. This cuts out the various levels of cost usually associated with most pro audio products on the market. So, we’re able to offer quality, professional monitors at a price that is not normally considered possible.


3-Year Warranty

Finally, because Lambden Audio stand by the quality of their products, we can offer a 3-Year Warranty on the LA-X range of monitors. Simply complete the form to register your purchase, leaving you to record, mix and master with complete peace of mind.


Key Features 

  • Precision audio reproduction for a truly transparent listening experience.
  • For studio professionals, musicians, podcasters, content creators, or voice-over artists.
  • Reveal your sound with the LA-X’s broad 43Hz – 20kHz frequency range.
  • A simple and intuitive design that allows you to focus on what’s important… your audio.
  • The sleek all-black design will fit perfectly with any existing setup.
  • 3-Year Extended Warranty on all products in the LA-X Studio Monitor Range by Lambden Audio. 

SoloCTRL Studio Monitor Controller by Lambden Audio

The SoloCTRL Monitor Controller by Lambden Audio - Complete monitor control at your fingertips.

Whether you're a studio professional, an avid listener, a podcaster, a content creator, or a voice-over artist, the SoloCTRL Monitor Controller by Lambden Audio provides a solution. With its user-friendly interface, it combines all of the necessary controls for your monitors in one place, including volume control, muting, sub-bypass, and Bluetooth audio referencing. This streamlined approach allows you to immerse yourself in your audio experience without any hassle.

The SoloCTRL Monitor Controller by Lambden Audio has been designed to provide you with total control over your monitoring setup. For Lambden Audio, preserving a pure analogue signal path from the interface to the monitor is paramount, ensuring that you won't experience any colouration that might lead you to second-guess what you're hearing whilst you mix and master.


Complete Monitoring Control 

The SoloCTRL Monitor Controller puts essential monitoring functions right at your fingertips. The large ergonomic volume control allows you to make quick and smooth adjustments to your preferred level. The mute button instantly cuts off all signals to your monitoring setup. The Sub Bypass feature enables precise assessment of low-end audio by bypassing the subwoofer signal. Additionally, Bluetooth controls provide easy connectivity to Bluetooth devices, allowing you to quickly switch audio sources.


Ultimate Connectivity  

The SoloCTRL Monitor Controller is ideal for a 2:1 setup, enabling you to connect two monitors and a subwoofer, delivering a comprehensive stereo monitoring experience with full-range immersion. Additionally, it features Bluetooth (v5.1) connectivity, allowing seamless integration with your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled audio devices for effortless mix referencing. This eliminates the need for CPU-intensive mix reference plugins, now accessible with just the push of a button. Furthermore, the SoloCTRL Monitor Controller provides an AUX in and headphones out for ultimate connectivity convenience.


Tailored for You 

Lambden Audio recognizes the paramount importance of workflow for today's creators. This principle guided the development of the SoloCTRL Monitor Controller. It informed not only the arrangement of controls but also the selection of components. Every detail was thoroughly considered to ensure that the device maintains the integrity of your audio, faithfully reproducing it without any colouration. You can always trust that what you hear is an accurate representation of your audio.

Are you ready to take control?


Key Features

  • Complete monitor controlling solution for project and professional studios.
  • All the most important controls at your finger tips including volume, mute, sub bypass and input-source switch.
  • Bluetooth (v5.1) connectivity allows for seamless mix referencing.
  • 2:1 TRS input configuration for full-range stereo monitoring.
  • Transparent and accurate audio quality and passive audio path.


3-Year Warranty Included

Lambden Audio are proud to offer a 3-Year Warranty on all products in the LA-X Studio Monitor Range by Lambden Audio. Please complete this form after a successful purchase to register your products for the 3-Year Warranty. Terms & Conditions Apply.


LA-6X Active Studio Monitor by Lambden Audio

LF Driver:   6.5"

HF Driver:   1" Silk Dome

Frequency Response:   43Hz - 20kHz

Crossover Frequency:   2.6kHz

Amplifiers Type:   Class D

LF Power AMP:   50W RMS

HF Power AMP:   20W RMS

LF Trim:   -4dB, -2dB, Flat

HF Trim:   -2db, Flat, +2db

Sensitivity:   +4Bu, -10dBv

Input Type:   1xXLR, 1xTRS, 1xRCA

Voltage:   100-240V~, 50/60Hz

Dimensions:   W 222mm, H 323mm, D 303mm

SoloCTRL Studio Monitor Controller by Lambden Audio

Audio Inputs

Main L/R Inputs

Type:   1/4" Balanced TRS Active

Dynamic Range:   105 dB

Frequency Response:   20Hz - 22kHz

THD+N:   0.001%

S/N Ratio:   > 102dB

Bluetooth Input

Type:   Bluetooth 5.1

Frequency Response:   20Hz - 22kHz

Auxiliary Input

Type:   1/8" Unbalanced TRS

Frequency Response:   20Hz - 22kHz

THD+N:   <0.01%

Dynamic Range:   105dB


Audio Outputs

Main Output

Type:   1/4" TRS & XLR Active Balanced

Frequency Response:   20Hz - 22kHz

THD+N:   <0.02%

S/N Ratio:   >98dB

Headphone Output

Type:   1/8" Unbalanced TRS, Stereo

Maximum Level:   32 mW / Channel

Frequency Response:   20Hz - 22kHz

THD+N: 0.001%

Subwoofer Outputs

Type:   1x 1/4" Balanced TRS + 1x Unbalanced RCA

Frequency Response:   20Hz - 200Hz

THD+N:   0.002%

S/N Ratio: >100dB



Power Supply Type:   USB-C