Two Notes Torpedo Captor X - 16 Ohm

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  • Two Notes Torpedo Captor X - 16 Ohm, the perfect compact solution for tube amp lovers at home, on stage and in the studio.
  • Award-winning compact reactive load box, tube amp attenuator, miked cab simulator, IR loader and stereo expander.
  • Ideal for guitarists and bass players, feature-packed, easy-to-use, and road-ready.
  • For tube amp lovers who crave an unparalleled experience every time they play.
  • Available in 8 or 16 Ohm versions.
  • Comes with a lifetime licence for Torpedo Wall of Sound and 32 DynIR Cabinets.
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Two Notes Torpedo Captor X - 16 Ohm

Your tube amp’s best friend

As a guitarist, you’re always craving that perfect tone, constantly tweaking and adjusting to find it. It can be frustrating when you’ve spent hours dialling in your tone, and then it changes when you play in a different space.

Guitar amp attenuators can help you control your volume while getting the best tone possible. Playing your tube amp in a great sounding room, with an exceptional choice of perfectly matches speaker cabinets and microphones, is a truly joyous and unparalleled experience. The Torpedo Captor X is for tube amp lovers who crave this every time they play, no matter the environment.


For tube amp lovers

Torpedo Captor X is a compact reactive load box, tube amp attenuator, miked cab simulator (DynIR Technology), Dual-IR loader and stereo expander for home, live and studio use. It comes with a lifetime licence for Torpedo Wall of Sound and 32 DynIR Cabinets.


The portable solution to your amp being too loud

Play your tube amp at its sweet spot and control your volume with the attenuator, anywhere. You can even enjoy your 100-watt rig in silence with an immersive headphone experience. The Torpedo Captor X brings new features to the Torpedo Captor family including a Stereo Expander (Stereo Reverb and Twin Tracker), Enhancer, Voicing, Space, Noise Gate and XLR DI outputs with 3 routing options.


Stereo, Dual Mono, Wet / Dry

In a live or studio situation, you may wish to route the outputs differently. In addition to the acclaimed stereo experience via the XLR outputs, the dual-mono output mode allows for dedicated EQ and reverb levels. This is ideal for independent Front of House and monitor mixes.

If you need to change the tone after recording your perfect take the Enable Wet / Dry sends both the DynIR and dry signal to your interface. Process the dry signal with the Torpedo Wall of Sound plug-in within your DAW.


Studio Grade Effects

Enhancer - When you need a touch of magic to find the tone for a song, Thickness and Brilliance will emphasize the low and high end of the tone, respectively. Body will render your tone fuller and more present.

Voicing - The voicing knob controls the mid-range of all presets simultaneously. Cut or boost the mids to balance the sound of the room on the fly.

Twin Tracker creates a virtual second guitarist. Your tone is beefed up, and your sound becomes massive within the stereo field.

EQ - Refine your tone with the instrument voiced 5-band post-EQs for both guitar and bass. Alternatively, explore the semi-parametric 6-band custom mode, including low shelf.

Stereo Reverb – Control the width of your stereo field with the hardware Space knob. From subtle studio room acoustics to immense ambient soundscapes.

Noise Gate – If you’re having floor noise problems, remove unwanted hisses and hums with the noise gate. The Hard / Soft modes keep your tones tight, and the learn function adapts to your rig.


Save space, weight, and volume on stage

Torpedo Captor X is the premium compact reactive load box, designed to embrace today's demanding on-stage and studio recording environments. If you’re fed up with lifting heavy cabinets, with inconsistent sound and stage volume issues, the Torpedo Captor X allows you to go direct to the PA and audio interface with studio-grade DynIR cabinet simulations (cab sim).

Two notes Audio Engineering pioneered the digital load box, and over the last decade, thousands of Two notes hardware users have captured and enjoyed the harmonic complexity and responsiveness of their tube amps both in the studio and on-stage.


Effortlessly Control the Miking Chain

Pair Torpedo Captor X with your phone, tablet, computer, or MIDI controller, and shape your tone with Torpedo Remote. It’s a lot of fun choosing your cabinet, combination of mics and mic positions; experiment by placing microphones both in front and behind your virtual cabinet. Explore 32 carefully curated virtual cabinets, 8 microphones per cabinet and 13 room simulations and save your favourite 128 presets.

Select your preset, room acoustic, output routing, EQ, reverb or edit any parameter from your device of choice using Torpedo Remote. No other compact reactive amp attenuator offers such universal control of the miking chain and with dual miking per cabinet, you may never use a real mic again.


Low-Latency IR Support

The Torpedo Captor X not only supports DynIR virtual cabinets but also loads regular (static) IRs. You can store hundreds of IRs on the unit and effortlessly mix two static IRs via Torpedo Remote (phone, tablet, or computer). The powerful onboard DSP allows the processing to happen with a minimum of latency, even with the maximum IR length of 200ms, the sound will hit you without any audible delay.


What is DynIR?

The Captor and Captor X feature DynIR technology, but what is it? In short, Impulse Response (IR) is a digital representation of a guitar cab miked up in a room. A huge number of perfectly aligned studio-grade IR files would be needed to replicate Two notes’ DynIR Virtual Cabinet.

With DynIR, you can find your tone in seconds effortlessly, leaving you to focus on playing and recording. Simply move the mic around the cabinet, in real-time, and hear the changes.

Rock your tube amp on stage and get the best direct-to-desk tone for your pedalboard/amp modeller, mixing guitar and bass DIs in the studio.

More Information

Input / Output

Speaker Input:

  • 1/4″ jack unbalanced (TS)

Speaker Output:

  • 1/4″ jack unbalanced (TS)

Headphones Output:

  • 1/4″ jack balanced (TRS)

Left / Right Outputs:

  • XLR Balanced
  • Maximum output level: 15 dBu
  • Impedance: 600 Ohms

MIDI Input:

  • 1/8″ jack balanced TRS
  • Jack to MIDI cable adapter supplied

USB Connector:

  • USB 2.0 Micro-B
  • USB Micro-B to USB A cable supplied


Dimensions and Weight

Width x Depth x Height*:

  • 12.8cm x 17.5cm x 6.4cm – 5″ x 6.7″ x 2.5″
    *Including connectors and knobs


  • 1300 g / 2.9 lbs


Load Box

  • Maximum Admissible Power: 100W RMS
  • Impedance: 8Ohm or 16Ohm depending on the version
  • Attenuation Levels: -38 dB, -20 dB, 0dB


Digital Audio

  • AD/DA Converters: Studio-grade 24-bit / 96 kHz
  • Bandwidth (-1dB): 30 Hz – 19 kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: > 95 dB
  • Internal Processing: 32-bit floating-point
  • Latency: 2.2 ms (Speaker Input to Left/Right Outputs)



  • Power Input Connector: DC connector, 2.1mm x 5.5mm, centre negative
  • Supplied Adapter: 100-240v AC to 12v DC 2A
  • Power Supply: UK – 230V