Trojan Carbon Rack Case 8U

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A new range of lightweight 19-inch ABS rack cases featuring a carbon fibre effect finish that looks fantastic, and provides enhanced structural strength and protection from transit damage.
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Trojan Carbon Rack Case 8U

The Trojan Carbon ABS 8U Rack Case is a 19-inch lightweight and highly durable solution for safely and securely transporting your rack equipment from one destination to another. Trojan ABS cases have been purposely designed and improved to be highly durable and aesthetically-pleasing with a new carbon fibre effect finish.




The main feature of the Trojan ABS-Carbon case is its highly durable 3.2mm thick structure material, with additionally reinforced bracing in the critical areas of the case. The benefit of these features is that the Trojan Carbon case can deliver unprecedented durability qualities, making it more than able to survive all the hardships of the road, all while keeping your rack equipment safe and functioning.


The Trojan Carbon Case is ready for all-weather and location conditions. The Carbon Case implements a gasket sunk into the edges of the lids, so once compressed by the lip on the body it forms a tight seal to keep anything like water or dust from entering the case. The Carbon Case features 4x draw bolts with tension springs to ensure the lid is shut as tight as possible.


The Carbon Case is built with the highest grade and durability materials, such as the chrome-plated, heavily sprung butterfly catches, the 2x spring-loaded retractable strap handles and overall construction using rivets and rear washers. These components, along with the case’s material, will easily handle anything the road has to offer and keep the case functional for as long as you own it.


The Trojan Carbon Case features rack strips at either end, giving you a choice as to which end you choose to mount your rack equipment, an advantage over other rack equipment cases that only allow you one dedicated side to fit your equipment. The equipment mounting strips are threaded with M5 screw holes for easy mounting and no more reaching around the back to hold a nut while installing, additionally, cage nuts are not required for these threads.


The case depth is 630mm which allows for plugs to be permanently attached while in transit, saving you the job of having to un-connect everything before moving to the next gig. Lastly, the distance between rack strips is 480mm, ideal for mounting 19” rack gear. 
Distance between rack-strips: 480mm
Distance between rack-strip and inside of the lid: 60mm
External Case Depth: 630mm
External Case Length: 550mm
External Case Height: 430mm