Trojan 7-Drawer Wheeled Roadie Flight Case

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Extremely useful Heavy Duty 7-drawer Roadie Case with a lift off lid forming a desk or bench. Accommodates masses of gear.
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Trojan 7-Drawer Wheeled Roadie Flight Case

The Trojan 7-Drawer Roadie Flight Case is a heavy-duty road case that features a lift-off lid with attached legs that then act as an attachable table to the unit. Thus, allowing you to set-up and work right next to your road case.


The Trojan is the perfect fit for road personnel to safely and conveniently store anything from tools, lead, lights and any other equipment they need to bring with them on the journey. No matter how large your set-up is, nothing needs to be left behind thanks to the Trojan.


The Trojan’s main feature is its vast storage capabilities, with the Trojan you have everything you’ll ever need no further than an arm’s reach away, thus eliminating the need for previous journeys to fetch items from other storage units.


The Trojan Roadie houses 7x heavy duty industrial grade drawers in total. 3x of the drawers are 88mm high, the next 3x are 132mm high and lastly, the largest of the drawers is 264mm high. With 4x handles and 4x butterfly catches anything you decide to store inside the Trojan Roadie will remain safe and secure during any venue or location move.


Being constructed from 9mm Eucalyptus plywood and laminated with a highly durable plastic covering. The Trojan houses exceptional strength qualities that make it able to withstand any of the abuses the road can deliver and being made from plywood it has an excellent lightweight attribute. Making it easily manoeuvrable while moving.


Please note: Additional delivery charges apply due to 63 kg weight

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External Dimensions: 520mm wide x 525mm deep x 967mm high
Lift Off Lid Dimensions: 967mm x 525mm
Weight: 63kg