TritonAudio Fethead Transformer

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  • The Triton Audio Fethead Transformer is a premium inline microphone preamplifier. 
  • Delivers warm, thick, and articulate sound for dynamic and ribbon microphones. 
  • Ideal for vocal tracking and recording directly into a DAW interface. 
  • Perfect for vocalists, voiceover artists, and content creators. 
  • Features a custom wound nickel core transformer for 28dB of gain. 
  • Instantly achieves a sought-after radio sound, making it great for podcasts and voice-overs. 
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TritonAudio Fethead Transformer


The TritonAudio Fethead Transformer is a high-quality inline microphone preamplifier. It delivers a very warm and thick but articulate sound for dynamic and ribbon microphones. Perfect for tracking vocals and recording direct into a DAW interface at home, in the studio or on tour and great for vocalists, voiceover artists and content creators. 


Nickel Core Transformer 


The Fethead Transformer has sought-after character which really adds to interface preamps that often sound neutral. TritonAudio’s trusted FET technology is combined with a custom wound nickel core transformer that produces 28dB of gain. 


Perfect for Podcasts 


Instantly produces that sought-after radio sound that works well on podcasts and voice-overs. Following extensive tests TritonAudio created a very portable solution to get a pristine sound with just a normal dynamic microphone. 


Colourful Transformer 


Many studio-quality preamps, compressors, equalisers and consoles have transformers in their signal path which have a massive sonic impact on their designs. Audio transformers change the sound quality as they are non-linear, adding a touch of distortion and compression (colour) to the signal which we perceive as ‘warm and thick’. 


Key Features 

  • The TritonAudio Fethead Transformer: A premium inline microphone preamplifier. 
  • Produces warm, articulate sound with dynamic and ribbon mics. 
  • Perfect for vocalists, podcasters, and content creators. 
  • Custom nickel core transformer delivers 28dB of gain. 
  • Instantly achieves a sought-after radio sound. 
  • Adds warmth and thickness to your recordings. 
  • Low noise Class A FETamplifier   
  • 28dB amplification  
  • XLR input/output  
  • Custom nickel core transformer   
  • Frequency response30hz-100 kHz 
  • Circuit is powered with 48V phantom power 


  • Height: 3” / 76mm 
  • Width: Ø 0,86” / 22mm 
  • Weight: 55 g