RODE NT1 5th Generation Black Studio Condenser Microphone

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  • The NT1 5th Generation is a black hybrid studio condenser microphone that fuses the classic sound signature of the iconic NT1 with next-generation technology.
  • Re-developed from the ground up to deliver exceptional audio with unmatched versatility.
  • Features a world-first hybrid XLR/USB output that allows it to be connected to a mixer or interface, or to a computer for direct recording.
  • Exceptionally low noise at 4dBA, the world’s quietest studio condenser microphone.
  • Ultra-high-resolution (up to 192kHz) analogue-to-digital conversion.
  • On-board DSP for advanced APHEX audio processing.
  • Studio-grade shock mount and pop filter, XLR, and USB cables included.
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RODE NT1 5th Generation Black Studio Condenser Microphone

Introducing the ultimate studio condenser microphone for professionals and content creators, the NT1 5th Generation from RODE. This innovative equipment combines the classic sound signature of the iconic NT1 with advanced, cutting-edge technology, surpassing expectations.

RODE's Dual Connect output makes this microphone highly versatile for recording, with both XLR and USB connectivity. Its world-first "unclippable" 32-bit float digital output ensures that you never miss a beat, while the advanced digital signal processing offers unparalleled precision and clarity. The NT1 5th Generation is renowned for its warm, silky character, extremely low noise, and high SPL handling.

This true studio workhorse excels in a variety of recording situations, from vocals and speech to guitar, piano, drums, and percussion.


Game-Changing Connectivity

The Digital Studio of the Future

Versatility Like No Other

Everything You Need to Start Recording

Key Benefits

What's in the Box


RODE's Iconic Original Studio Microphone, Reborn

The NT1 has been a staple in recording studios for over three decades due to its versatility and classic sound. RODE are thrilled to introduce the NT1 5th Generation, the latest version of this renowned microphone.

Featuring cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art features, the NT1 5th Generation takes the beloved qualities of the original and elevates them to a whole new level, while still maintaining the legendary sound quality that made the original so beloved.

The NT1 5th Generation expertly combines the warmth and classic sound of the original with the latest microphone advancements, creating the perfect balance of tradition and innovation. It's no surprise that this microphone has become the go-to choice for countless creators, thanks to its exceptional versatility.


Game-Changing Connectivity

RODE recognizes that each studio configuration is unique, and that's why they've designed the NT1 5th Generation to be extremely adaptable. The microphone features the revolutionary Dual Connect output, which allows it to be connected to an audio interface or mixer via XLR or directly to a computer via USB for effortless plug-and-play recording.

The patent-pending Dual Connect output is groundbreaking, offering unparalleled flexibility for any studio environment, whether it's a professional studio or a home recording setup. This level of versatility makes it simple to switch between recording situations without having to worry about technical challenges or compatibility issues.


Classic Sound on the Cutting-Edge

RODE is committed to providing creators with the best equipment available, and the NT1 5th Generation is no exception. By incorporating state-of-the-art circuitry, they've taken all the elements that made the original NT1 great and improved upon them, resulting in a remarkably low self-noise level of just 4dBA. This makes it the quietest studio condenser microphone in the world, perfect for capturing every detail of your recordings.

The XLR output delivers the rich, classic studio condenser sound that you've come to expect from the NT1. But that's not all, when you switch to the digital output, you'll have access to a range of innovative features that allow you to further enhance your audio and achieve professional studio sound directly on your computer.

The NT1 5th Generation is distinguished by its warm, silky character, extremely low noise, and high SPL handling capability. These characteristics have made the NT1 a top choice for professional creators, and with the 5th Generation, they've taken it to the next level.

If you're serious about your recordings and demand the best quality, then the NT1 5th Generation is the ideal microphone for you. Experience the classic, rich sound of the NT1, combined with cutting-edge technology that delivers unparalleled performance.


The Digital Studio of the Future

The NT1 5th Generation offers an all-in-one digital recording solution with its built-in, professional-grade audio interface. The audio interface has been designed to maintain the microphone's pristine audio quality, while also providing innovative features for improved sound. The ultra-low-noise and high-gain Revolution Preamp™ ensures that your recordings are clean, clear, and detailed. In addition, the high-resolution (192kHz) A/D conversion captures every nuance of your performance.

But that's not all - the NT1 5th Generation also includes advanced digital signal processing, providing you with greater control over your recordings. Whether you want to EQ your sound, add reverb or other effects, or fine-tune your audio in post-production, the NT1 5th Generation has you covered.

The best part? All of these features are included in one high-quality microphone, eliminating the need for separate equipment and compatibility issues. The NT1 5th Generation allows you to focus on your art and let technology handle the rest.


The "Unclippable" Microphone

The NT1 5th Generation introduces a ground-breaking 32-bit float digital output that is "unclippable", pushing the limits of what's possible in recording technology.

This innovative recording format is a game-changer, offering you unprecedented flexibility and control over your recordings. Gone are the days of worrying about setting your gain just right or losing your performance due to clipping or distortion. With the NT1 5th Generation, you can record everything from a soft whisper to a loud scream, the gentlest guitar to the heaviest drums, knowing that your dynamics will be preserved.

You don't need to make any adjustments while recording; you can simply fine-tune your audio afterward, and all the subtleties and nuances of your performance will be captured. This provides you with even greater flexibility and control over your recordings, allowing you to perfect your sound.


Versatility Like No Other

The NT1 5th Generation microphone is equipped with a smooth frequency response, exceptional noise reduction, and the ability to handle high sound pressure levels, making it capable of recording anything from delicate vocals to thunderous drums with ease. Its flexible connectivity options, which include the innovative Dual Connect output, ensure that it can seamlessly integrate into any recording workflow, regardless of whether you are a solo artist working in your bedroom or a professional engineer in a world-class studio.

Thanks to its advanced digital features, the NT1 5th Generation is the ultimate recording solution for anyone looking to capture high-quality audio at an affordable price.


Craft Your Sound

The NT1 5th Generation comes equipped with advanced APHEX® audio processing to help you enhance your sound and unlock your creative potential. This microphone's powerful onboard DSP offers a range of essential tools to shape your audio to perfection, including compression, a high-pass filter, noise gate, and the legendary APHEX® Aural Exciter™ and Big Bottom™. With the free RODE Connect and RODE Central companion apps, you can easily access these processors and take your sound to the next level.

The VoxLab™ editor offers an intuitive interface to help you craft your sound with ease, while the advanced editor provides the flexibility to fine-tune each processor to your exact needs. Whether you're a podcaster, musician, or content creator, the NT1 5th Generation puts the power of professional-grade audio processing right at your fingertips.


Premium Components, Built to Last

The NT1 5th Generation is a testament to RODE's uncompromising attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Every component is crafted with the utmost care and precision, using only the finest materials. Made in RODE's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Australia, this microphone is built to last.

The HF6 capsule, with its sub-micron precision, ensures consistent tonality and frequency response. The capsule is also internally shock-mounted to prevent unwanted vibrations from affecting your recordings. The rugged aluminum body is available in sleek black or stylish silver, with a high-grade finish that is highly resistant to scuffs and scratches, ensuring the NT1 5th Generation can withstand the rigors of even the busiest recording schedules.


Everything You Need to Start Recording

The NT1 5th Generation is the perfect all-in-one recording solution, with everything you need included in the box so you can get started on your recording journey right away.

In addition to the microphone itself, you'll also find high-quality XLR and USB cables to suit your preferred connection method, as well as a studio-grade shock mount and pop filter. These accessories are designed to ensure your recordings are as clean and professional as possible, free from unwanted artifacts caused by plosives, knocks, or bumps.


Unlock More Creative Potential with the RODE App Suite

With the NT1 5th Generation, you can use several free RODE apps, including the RODE Central companion app, RODE Connect podcasting app, and UNIFY streaming app, to adjust settings, access advanced DSP, update firmware, and perform other functions.

RODE Central - RODE Central is the perfect companion app for your NT1 5th Generation microphone. It provides easy access to the advanced APHEX® processing and effects, input gain control, and firmware updates, all through a user-friendly interface. By setting up your microphone in RODE Central, you can save your preferences and quickly apply them to your DAW or other audio software, streamlining your workflow and increasing your efficiency.

RODE Connect - Looking for a simple and efficient method to produce top-quality podcasts? Check out RODE Connect. With its user-friendly interface, this software enables you to link up to four RODE USB microphones to your computer, making it ideal for co-hosted or guest podcasts. You can take advantage of the microphone's advanced DSP, firmware updates, and easy mixing and recording tools, resulting in professional-sounding podcasts that captivate your audience.

UNIFY - UNIFY is a virtual mixing software specifically designed to work seamlessly with your NT1 5th Generation microphone. By utilizing UNIFY, you can easily route all of your audio sources into a user-friendly mixer and take full control of your sound with advanced processing tools. Whether you're creating independent mixes and multichannel audio for editing in post-production or outputting your final sound directly to OBS for live streaming, UNIFY is the ultimate solution for achieving professional-quality audio.


Key Benefits:

  • Large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone
  • HF6 1-inch gold-sputtered condenser capsule
  • Smooth frequency response, high sensitivity, and high SPL handling
  • Exceptionally low noise (4dBA), the world's quietest studio condenser microphone
  • Patent-pending Dual Connect output with both XLR and USB connectivity
  • World-first 32-bit float digital output
  • Ultra-high-resolution (up to 192kHz) analogue-to-digital conversion
  • On-board DSP for advanced APHEX audio processing
  • Studio-grade shock mount and pop filter, XLR, and USB cables included
  • Available in black or silver with a rugged aluminium body and high-grade finishes
  • Designed and made in RODE’s precision manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Australia


What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x NT1 5th Generation - Black
  • 1 x SM6 Shock Mount & Pop Filter
  • 1 x 6m XLR Cable (red)
  • 1 x SC29 USB-C to USB-C Cable (3m)
  • 1 x Dust Cover

Acoustic & Electrical Specifications

  • Acoustic Principle: Pressure gradient
  • Active Electronics: JFET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer
  • Capsule: 1.00"
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Address Type: Side
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Output Impedance: 100Ω
  • Maximum SPL: 142 dB SPL
  • Equivalent Noise (A-weighted): 4dBA
  • Sensitivity: -32 dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (25 mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1 kHz
  • Analogue Power Requirements: Via XLR: P48
  • Analogue Output Connection: 3-pin XLR

Digital Specifications

  • Digital Power Requirements: Via USB: 5V
  • Digital Output Connection: USB-C
  • Bit Depth: 24-bit / 32-bit floating point
  • Sampling Rate (kHz): 48 / 96 / 192
  • Processing: APHEX digital signal processing (only available at 48kHz / 24-bit)
  • Minimum OS Requirements: Windows 10 Mac OS 10.15

Mechanical Specifications

  • Weight (grams): 308

Dimensions (millimetres)

  • Length: 52
  • Width: 52
  • Height: 189