ViolaWave Grenade Professional Headphone and Microphone Sanitiser

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  • Used for small microphones, lavaliers, in-ear monitors and earphones
  • Eliminates 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses
  • 3-5 minute clean time
  • Deep cleans your microphone and protects your health
  • Perfect for any travelling audio professionals and performers
  • Rugged and flexible silicone exterior
  • Includes carabiner for comfortable on person carry
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ViolaWave Grenade Professional Headphone and Microphone Sanitiser


The ViolaWave Grenade is the smallest in a new ground-breaking sterilising system product line that kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on small items such as lavaliers and in-ear monitors within a 3-5 minute window. Disinfection has now become an essential and daily practice to ensure the safety of all activities that require the use of equipment close to the respiratory system. In today’s world, face-mounted lavaliers and other close personal items like earphones have become some of the most hazardous pieces of equipment and that is where the Grenade comes into play.


How does it work?

The Grenade uses a powerful combination of ultraviolet and ozone lamps inside the lid to disinfect and deodorize a given piece of equipment. The UV-C light is used to kill and inactivate microorganisms by scrambling the structure of their DNA which leaves them unable to perform vital cellular functions, thus causing a microorganism to be unable to multiply. Ozone is generated in small quantities to preserve the integrity of the treated objects; it also sterilizes the areas that are not normally reached by UV light. This is the same technology that’s now being rolled out and used by sanitary robots within airports.


How do I use the Grenade?

The ViolaWave Grenade is incredibly easy to use, simply place your item of choice inside the silicone container, then screw on the lid and then press the button to activate the sanitising process. The process will take around 3-5 minutes. Afterwards, you’ll have a completely sterilised and safe piece of equipment that is ready to use. The Grenade features a convenient USB port that allows you to charge the in-built battery in just under 30 minutes so you can take the Rocket on the go, or you can use it as an external power input.


On the go sanitisation

Due to the size of the Grenade, it can accommodate small-sized items such as small studio microphones, lavaliers, in-ear monitors and earphones. The Grenade is a perfect addition/tool to audio scenarios like recording studios, rehearsal rooms, live venue settings, conferences, theatres, TV, radio, live performances, recordings, karaoke, parties, religious events and more. And with an included carabiner, the Grenade can be always on your person.


Suggested Applications

  • Earphones
  • In-ear Monitors
  • Lavalier and Small Microphones
  • Any Small Objects
IP67 No
  • External measurements: length 100mm / 3.93” - diameter 81 mm / 3.1”
  • Internal measurements: length 65mm / 2.55” - diameter 69.5mm / 2.73”
  • Weight (when empty): 140g - 4.93oz
  • Input: DC5V 1A - Rated Power 5W
  • Operating Environment: 0o to 50 o Celsius / 32o to 122o Fahrenheit | 15% - 90% humidity
  • UV Lamps: 185NM