Tascam DA-3000 Stereo Master Recorder

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A Highly Specified, Dual-Mono Professional Master Recorder featuring 192kHz PCM Recording and 5.6MHz DSD Recording
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The DA-3000 Stereo Master Recorder and ADDA Convertor from Tascam is a 2-track analog to digital/digital to analog convertor that can be used as a digital recorder, convertor, or monitoring system for mastering, mixing, and tracking applications. It records to SDHC or CF cards and has a USB port that allows you to transfer files to and from an external flash drive. The DA-3000 can record analog or digital signals as stereo PCM files in up to 192kHz and stereo DSD files in up to 5.6MHz.

The DA-3000 was built with dual-mono circuitry to reduce interference between channels to allow for more accurate audio capture. Both the left and right channels conversion is via their BurrBrown PCM1795 convertor chip. The unit has a fanless design to reduce internal noise. Visual monitoring of your signals is provided via the front-panel 24-dot level meter.

The recorder provides a variety of input and output in both the analog and digital domain. Stereo XLR and RCA inputs and outputs allow you to connect to most analog sources, while S/PDIF, AES/EBU and SDIF-3 digital connections allow you to integrate a variety of digital sources. You can control the DA-3000 with the included remote control.

Stereo Recording at up to 192 kHz PCM and 5.6 MHz DSD