Soundcraft MFXi8 Console

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The MFXi mixers are compact and ideally equipped for live...
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The MFXi mixers are compact and ideally equipped for live sound applications including fixed installations, houses of worship and portable PA. 8, 12 and 20 mono input MFXi mixers are empowered by built in 24 bit Lexicon processing, delivering 32 stunning reverb, delay and chorus effects. All MFXi mixers include 2 stereo input channels along with a 2 track record output and a 2 track replay input which allows interval music to be easily played from CD, MP3 or other music source. Each model in the MFXi range has two subgroups as well as a main stereo mix, making control of groups of channels much easier to manage. These are supplemented by 2 auxiliary busses which can be used for effects sends or to provide a foldback monitor mix for artists. The MFXi consoles use vertically mounted PCBs which are secured with nutted pots for extra strength, stability and easy servicing. Sound quality is assured by Soundcraft's now legendary GB30 mic preamp and the use of professional condenser microphones is facilitated by the provision of globally switched +48V phantom power. Rack ears are included with 12 channel consoles.