Sonifex S0v2 Radio Broadcast Mixer

Availability: Discontinued

  • Sonifex S0v2 Radio Broadcast Mixer, high quality yet simple to operate radio broadcast mixer.
  • Ideal for educational purposes and for internet radio.
  • Easy to understand, the S0 includes a telephone hybrid for making and recording telephone calls.
  • The addition of a USB port allows for recording to a PC and for playing a PC automation system directly through the mixer.
  • A compact, low cost, fixed format broadcast mixing console designed for on-air radio use.
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Sonifex S0v2 Radio Broadcast Mixer

The Sonifex S0v2 is a versatile, cost-effective radio broadcast mixer, perfect for community radio, education, and internet radio. It features a telephone hybrid, 3.5mm stereo jack for MP3 players, USB port for PC recording, and built-in headphone protection. Its intuitive design suits both novices and professionals.


More Channels

The console has nine input channels, including 4 mic and 12 stereo line inputs. Each channel can be independently routed to PGM or REC buses. XLR mic inputs offer phantom power, and stereo RCA line inputs have 10dB gain compensation. There's also a TBU and stereo auxiliary input channel.


Flexible Monitoring

USB audio allows for recording and playback to/from a PC. Outputs include balanced XLR for PGM and unbalanced RCA for REC. Monitor options include presenter headphones, guest headphones, and loudspeakers with a headphone limiter.


Advanced Mixer Functions and Configuration Options

Metering can be configured for VU or PPM, and talkback is available for communication. Channel remotes provide versatile external equipment interfacing. The mixer's settings can be customized through software configuration options. It comes with an integral universal switch mode power supply.


Key Features

  • Simple, high-quality radio broadcast mixer
  • Ideal for community, educational, and internet radio
  • Telephone hybrid, MP3 player input, USB recording
  • Intuitive layout for novices and professionals
  • 9 input channels with mic and line options
  • USB audio playback and recording, flexible output options