Sonifex DHY-03S Digital Telephone Hybrid

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  • Sonifex DHY-03S Digital Telephone Hybrid.
  • Telephone Hybrid for interfacing between pro-audio equipment and the public telephone network.
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Sonifex DHY-03S Digital Telephone Hybrid

The Telephone Hybrid is the interface between professional audio equipment and the public telephone network.

It protects the equipment and telephone lines, allowing for varying line signals and conditions. Cancelling out unwanted signals they also provide two way communication down a single telephone line. The Hybrid has a telephone line connection and separate terminals for audio input and output from a mixer or other professional audio source.

This digital version has additional features including better echo cancellation and a greater tolerance to fluctuating line conditions.

These units are specially suitable for dealing with calls that have a slight signal delay, for example calls via satellites. The analogue version has a 28dB rejection ratio, the digital version 69dB. Both analogue and digital versions include a separate free standing power supply. Where multiple units are required they can be slotted into a rack and connected to a single power supply.

Dimensions of each unit 14.3cm wide x 4.5cm high x 23.8cm deep (including rear connectors).