Shure SM7dB Active Dynamic Microphone

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  • The Shure SM7dB Active Dynamic Microphone with built-in preamp delivers up to +28 dB of low-noise, clean, switchable gain, with +48V phantom power, offering +18dB or +28dB from the preamp. 
  • Equipped with a proven dynamic cartridge and a wide frequency range, the SM7dB ensures detailed recordings. Its cardioid pickup pattern minimises background noise for pristine audio. 
  • Effortlessly bypass the preamp with a dedicated switch to access the original SM7B capabilities for louder sounds. The microphone features rear switches for tailoring your sound to various instruments and voices. 
  • The SM7dB's design is perfect for studio recording, content creators, podcasts and all vocal applications. 
  • Whether in the studio or on stage, the SM7dB is a reliable tool for achieving high-quality audio results with ease. 
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Shure SM7dB Active Dynamic Microphone


The Shure SM7dB Active Dynamic Microphone provides content creators, podcasters, vocalists and audio engineers with the same robust construction and the distinguished sound quality of the SM7B, with the added power of a built-in phantom powered pre-amp that provides an extra +18 or +28 decibels for cleaner gain. This powerful microphone is perfect for noteworthy broadcasting, professional podcasts, or important studio recordings. 


Built for Power 

The SM7dB delivers up to +28 dB of low-noise, flat and transparent switchable gain. Easily accessible through an audio or interface or mixer with +48V phantom power with a choice between +18dB or +28dB from the preamp. This allows for a streamlined audio chain, putting an end to clunky in-line preamps and other accessories. 


Superior Sound Quality 

Even if you're not using the activated preamp, you will get the same detail in your recordings from a proven dynamic cartridge and a frequency range of 50Hz to 20,000Hz. Exceptional rear-rejection and cardioid pick-up pattern isolates your voice from background noise for a more pristine take. Impeccable rejection of electromagnetic hums protects against broadband interference and any noise more affordable audio interface may create. The super effective pop shield eliminates the need for added protection against loud breath sounds even close-up. 


Customise Your Sound 

A convenient bypass switch allows you to bypass the built-in preamp reverting it back to the original SM7B’s capabilities for capturing louder sounds. Like the SM7B, the SM7dB provides various sound signatures using switches found on the back of the microphone to suit any type of instrument or voice. Adjust the tone of your sound with low-cut and presence boost EQ settings to add warmth to your vocals. 


Key Features

  • Versatile Gain Control: Easily switchable +28 dB gain, eliminating the need for extra preamps.
  • Exceptional Audio Quality: Proven dynamic cartridge with a wide 50Hz to 20,000Hz range and excellent noise isolation.
  • Sound Customization: Bypassable preamp and rear switches for tailored sound signatures.
  • Simplified Setup: Streamlined audio chain for hassle-free recording and performance.
  • Professional Performance: Reliable for studio and stage use, delivering high-quality results.
  • Effortless Sound Shaping: Intuitive controls empower you to shape your sound effortlessly.


Dynamic (moving coil)

Polar Pattern


Frequency Response

50 Hz to 20 kHz

Output Impendance

150 Ω in Bypass Mode
27 Ω in Preamp Mode


59 dBV/Pa[1] (1.12 mV) Flat Response Bypass Mode
(at 1 kHz, open circuit voltage)  -41 dBV/Pa[1] (1.12 mV) Flat Response +18 Preamp Mode
[1] 1 Pa=94 dB SPL  -31 dBV/Pa[1] (1.12 mV) Flat Response +28 Preamp Mode

Polarity relative to Pin 3

Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on Pin 2


837 g (1.875 lbs)


Black enamel aluminum and steel case with black foam windscreen