Pro XLR Female - Mono Mini Jack Combiner Camera Lead 1m

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XLR female - minijack 1m - to connect mono microphone to 2-channel recorder
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Pro XLR Female - Mono Mini Jack Combiner Camera Lead 1m

This professional-quality lead with Neutrik and Rean plugs has been wired specifically to convert a balanced XLR signal into an unbalanced "dual mono" in order to work with either mono or stereo unbalanced mini jack inputs commonly found on cameras or portable recorders, sending the signal into both left and right.

The tip and the ring of the mini jack are both wired to the XLR pin 2 (positive signal) whereas the sleeve is wired to both pins 1 and 3 (ground and negative) for the best possible signal.

Please note that this lead will not work with balanced mini jack inputs, as the tip and the ring will cancel out in that case. If you need more information about this lead please contact our sales team at 0208 208 9930.

Image is for illustration only and does not depict the Neutrik silver XLR or the Rean mini jack.



  • They’re the best and most heavy-duty mini jack leads on the market.
  • They have the best construction in any soldered mini jack connector
  • German cable, Hicon and Neutrik connectors, assembled by professional technicians in London
  • Damaged cable can be rewired and repaired easily
  • They’re the only ones to use full 6mm thick professional three-conductor cable, same as our mic leads
  • The best shielding possible, preventing crosstalk and interference on stereo signals



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Length 1m