Pro Mini Jack - XLR Ground Loop Isolation Cable 1.5m

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3.5mm Mini Jack plug to XLR male plug. 1.5m long
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3.5mm Mini Jack plug to XLR male plug. 1.5m  Wired Mono

Earth currents (Ground Loops) between different mains driven equipment causes unwanted buzzes and hums. The Ground Loop Isolation Cable is designed to eliminate the hums caused by connecting digital to analogue equipment.

This series of isolators is based on inserting a 1:1 transformer between items so no current can move between linked equipment. The transformer is housed in a metal case to maximise screening and has a 1000volt dielectric strength.

All components are moulded for absolute reliability. Unusually, the transformer is designed to operate at line level so will not overload on peaks.



Frequency Response 40Hz – 20kHz ±0.2dB (input to output)
Distortion 0.004% @1kHz
Impedance 600Ω : 600Ω
Dielectric strength 1000 Volts DC


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Length 1.5m