Signex CPJ48J Jack Patchbay

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Jack type A 48 way by Signex Isopatch CPJ48 series 48 way

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Signex CPJ48J patch bay. JACK type A 48 WAY by SIGNEX Signex Isopatch CPJ48 series 48 way. This new version builds on the strengths of the original CP44 series. 1U high. Two horizontal PCBs carry the fully enclosed sockets.

This reduces the ingress of dust and contaminants and provides the rigidity which is lacking in other systems. Three versions with differing rear connections. Well-engineered with two slide-in designation strips. Supplied with all sockets isolated, half and full normalizing can be easily programmed on any channel by soldering across special `program pads` on the PCB. To fully normalize or half normalize simply bridge solder pads.

The CPJ48J rear JACK sockets Balanced/unbalanced.