Heavy-Duty Shallow Rack Flight Case by Trojan Pro (2U/4U/8U)

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  • 2U/4U/8U Heavy-Duty Shallow Rack Flight Case by Trojan Pro, a 19-inch high-quality and lightweight rack case designed for professional use.
  • Safely and securely transport your equipment from one destination to another.
  • Specifically designed to be highly durable to survive the hardships of the road, all while keeping your equipment protected and fully functional.
  • Constructed from 9mm plywood with an attractive black phenolic surface.
  • The corners of the case are protected by chrome-plated steel plates that are secured to the cabinet in six different places.
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Heavy-Duty Shallow Rack Flight Case by Trojan Pro (2U/4U/8U)

Looking for a lightweight yet robust solution to protect your gear on the go?

The Trojan 2U/4U/8U Shallow Road case series features 19-inch high-quality and lightweight rack cases designed for professionals who need reliable protection and easy transport for their equipment. Built to withstand the challenges of the road, these rack cases ensure your gear stays safe and fully functional, no matter where your journey takes you.

The Shallow Road cases feature recessed butterfly catches that are comprised of industrial-strength materials and are mounted to the cases with ten rivets to ensure they can stand the abuses of the road while staying attached and functioning. The catches are quick-release and fully retractable to minimise any hassle or frustration while you are trying to remove the covers and lids once you’ve arrived at the venue.


Durability and Protection

The Trojan 2U/4U/8U cases are designed to withstand the most challenging weather and location conditions. Equipped with lids that include tight-sealing lips, these cases effectively keep moisture, debris, and dust at bay, ensuring your equipment remains safe and clean. The 4U Shallow Road case goes a step further with its 4 draw bolts and tension springs, guaranteeing a secure, tight closure that maximizes protection in any environment.


Ease of Use and Mobility

The Shallow Road cases boast user-friendly recessed butterfly catches, crafted from industrial-strength materials, and secured with ten rivets for maximum durability. These quick-release and fully retractable catches make removing covers and lids a breeze, minimising hassle and frustration when setting up at your destination.


Premium Design

The sleek and sophisticated design that combines form and function to the highest standards. The 2U/4U/8U Shallow case features a robust 9mm plywood construction. Coated with an eye-catching black phenolic surface for added visual appeal. Chrome-plated steel plates reinforce the case's corners, securely fastened in six different locations, ensuring not only superior protection but also a polished and professional appearance.

Material Wood
IP67 No



  • Exterior - Height: 127mm / Width: 525mm / Depth: 354mm
  • Interior - Height: 101mm / Width: 19" / Depth: 265mm
  • Exterior without Lids - Height: 127mm / Width: 525mm / Depth: 204mm
  • Lid Exterior - Height: 116mm / Width: 525mm / Depth: 72mm
  • Lid Interior - Height: 102mm / Width: 508mm / Depth: 60mm


  • Exterior - Height: 228mm / Width: 534mm / Depth: 480mm
  • Interior - Height: 188mm / Width: 19" / Depth: 358mm
  • Exterior without Lids - Height: 228mm / Width: 534mm / Depth: 298mm
  • Lid Exterior - Height: 228mm / Width: 534mm / Depth: 90mm
  • Lid Interior - Height: 189mm / Width: 509mm / Depth: 73mm


  • Exterior - Height: 407mm / Width: 533mm / Depth: 479mm
  • Interior - Height: 365mm / Width: 19" / Depth: 360mm
  • Exterior without Lids - Height: 407mm / Width: 533mm / Depth: 298mm
  • Lid Exterior - Height: 407mm / Width: 533mm / Depth: 91mm
  • Lid Interior - Height: 365mm / Width: 509mm / Depth: 72mm



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