Electro-Voice RE27 ND Dynamic Mic

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RE27N/D Broadcast Announcer Microphone w/ Variable-D & N/DYM Cap
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Electro-Voice RE27 ND Dynamic Mic


The Electro Voice RE 27 N/D is a professional, dynamic cardioid microphone designed for broadcast, recording and sound reinforcement applications. Much like the RE 20, the RE 27 N/D is a standard in radio and television, but remains a proven tool in the recording studio as well. Considered an improvement on the RE 20, the 27 N/D features a Neodymium based magnet which greatly improves sensitivity, frequency response and SPL handling, resulting in higher gain (up to 6dB more output) while keeping the noise floor low. In addition, a highly effective hum-bucking coil is used to attenuate hum from lighting, bad grounds and other sources.

Due to it's variable D design, the microphone is virtually free of bass-boosting "proximity effect" when used close. The result is smooth, even frequency response no matter the proximity and position of the speaker.Because of it's dynamic element, the RE 27 N/D also features excellent transient (peak) response. In addition the microphone features an internal blast filter, completely covering every opening. Singers and talkers can literally touch the microphone with their lips without worry of "pops" or excessive sibilance. The supercardioid polar pattern effectively minimizes room ambiance and off-axis noise. The greatest attenuation occurs at 180 degrees, directly behind the microphone.


Neodymium Based Magnet
The microphone is designed around a Neodymium based magnet, greatly improving sensitivity, output gain structure and frequency response.
Supercardioid Pattern
The RE 27 N/D features a supercardioid polar pattern which is effective minimizing off-axis noise and ambiance.
Internal Windscreen
An internal blast and wind filter eliminates "pop" and wind noise at the closest proximity.
Bass Tilt Down Switch
The "bass tilt down" switch corrects spectrum balance for use in long reach situations and eliminates low frequency noise and rumble.
Flat Frequency Response
The RE 27 N/D's flat frequency response remains flat even at extremely close proximities.
More Information
Specifications Microphone Response :45 Hz - 18 kHz,
Microphone Impedance : 150 Ohms,
Microphone Pad Switches : No,
Microphone Diameter : 54.4mm,
Microphone Connector : XLR-3M Type,
Microphone sensitivity : 3.1mV/Pa,
216.7mm x 54.4mm,
Physical Weight : 737 g