Armoured XLR Female - Mono Jack 10m

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The stainless steel screening is spirally wound with the ends moulded into a plastic stopper inside the Jack Plug.
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Armoured XLR Female - Mono Jack 10m

The ultimate Musician Proof Guitar Lead designed for a rough on the road existence.

Based on a stainless steel spirally wound sheath surrounding the conductors originally introduced for vandal proofing public telephone boxes. The sheath is literally moulded into the connector and will not pull out.

Main benefits
1. Highly flexible, just the same as conventional guitar leads
2. Excellent screening with 100% coverage
3. Cuts out interference from taxis, mobile phones and thyristor controlled lighting systems
4. Mechanically far superior to conventional cables
5. Conductors consist of 20 strands of 0.12mm diameter Oxygen Free copper cable
6. Spirally wound copper shield consisting of 64 strands of 0.12mm diameter copper wire
7. Conductor covered in a PVC jacket underneath the armour screen
8. Connectors are diecast aluminium and the contact are nickle plated for absolute reliability
9. Practically indestructible
10. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standard

Other cable lengths available
689080 5 metre

Other similar configurations
689060 XLR Male - XLR Female 5 metres
689070 XLR Male - XLR Female 10 metres

Choose Your Cable Length 10m