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Black Friday - Cases & Racks

What is a flight case? 

A flight case is a heavy, metal fortified case used to transport delicate live sound equipment made with specially purposed strong flight case wood. These cases can be used to store and protect mixers, amplifiers, audio interfaces and more when they are transported across large distances in the air or on the road. These are often used for international gigs and festivals. 

What is a rack? 

A rack is a versatile and mobile solution to store your amplifiers, mic preamps, mixers, compressors and more. It can be used to house your permanent studio equipment and can easily be moved between buildings or taken to gigs. 

Why would I need a hard travel case? 

Hard travel cases like the IP67 rated Fortis Range are great for transporting and protecting smaller studio gear such as microphones, audio interfaces, iPads and laptops. No matter the weather your most valuable gear is protected from wind, rain, sand and any accidental drops and designed for travelling in a car, tour bus or plane.