Audient ORIA Immersive Audio Interface & Monitor Controller

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  • The Audient ORIA Immersive Audio Interface & Monitor Controller for immersive audio, perfect for formats like Dolby Atmos, supporting stereo to 9.1.6 setups. 
  • Functions as a powerful USB-C audio interface with 16 outputs for 9.1.6 mixing and doubles as a standalone monitor controller via ADAT inputs. 
  • Features AD/DA converters with 126dB dynamic range, console-grade mic preamps with 60dB gain, and remote-control capability. 
  • Calibrate your room and create custom profiles for various formats. Includes an 8-band EQ, speaker delay, trim, and bass management. Runs on DSP Dual Processor Architecture for low latency. 
  • Seamlessly integrates with Dolby Renderer for direct control. Switch between speakers, levels, and curves with color-coded profiles, mute/solo, global volume, Cut, Dim, and Global Delay for post-production
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Audient ORIA Immersive Audio Interface & Monitor Controller 


The ORIA is the world’s first audio interface and monitor controller designed specifically for immersive audio. The ORIA is built for creating immersive audio mixes for formats like Dolby Atmos, it allows you to calibrate, control and monitor multi-channel speaker arrays from stereo to 9.1.6. Perfect for creating audio for music, films, TV, games and VR productions. 


Built for More 

Designed as a powerful USB-C audio interface offering 16 outputs for up to 9.1.6 mixing workflows and easily be incorporated into your existing setup as a standalone monitor controller via ADAT inputs, to give you flexibility where you need it. 


High Performance Audio 

The ORIA features high performance AD/DA converters with an enormous 126dB of dynamic range meaning your mixes will sound more detailed. It has console mic preamps designed to deliver ultra-low noise, low distortion and analogue warmth; which deliver 60dB of gain and will work as mic, line or Hi-Z instruments inputs. The Audient Mic Preamp can also be remote controlled to give you the benefits of analogue design with the accuracy of digital control. 


Simple Calibration 

The Oria’s Advanced Speaker Processing allows you to calibrate your room and create custom onboard calibration profiles (presets) for any monitoring format from stereo to surround sound to 9.1.6 immersive set ups. Referencing checking your mix in different formats will be easy. 

The calibration controls include an 8 band EQ to deal with unwanted acoustic issues and colouration for a flat translation of your audio. Speaker Delay which ensures the audio from every speaker arrives at the mix position at the same time. Trim which allows you to adjust the level of every speaker individually for a balanced sound field and Bass Management so you can hear all the bass and low end in your mix via a per channel configurable crossover filter. 

Oria’s Advanced Speaker Processing runs directly from its lightning-fast onboard DSP Dual Processor Architecture which delivers low latency audio, freeing up your computer’s CPU for bigger and more demanding sessions. 


Advanced Immersive Monitor Control 

The ORIA software is surprisingly simple to use and easily integrates the Dolby Renderer allowing you to control the Down Mix functionally directly from the ORIA interface, great for checking your mix in different formats like 7.1, 5.1, stereo and more. 

You can use profiles to quickly switch between speakers, listening levels and target curves and navigate your session at high speed for true immersive monitor control with colour-coded speaker groups, individual and group speaker mute/solo, global volume control, Cut, Dim and Global Delay (Lip-sync) for postproduction workflows. 


Audient and Sonarworks 

Audient has partnered with Sonarworks, allowing you to load SoundID Reference profiles into ORIA's hardware for quick room measurement and calibration. It includes a Sonarworks Reference Measurement microphone and a 60-day free trial of the SoundID Reference for Multichannel software.   


Key Features 

  • The Audient ORIA Immersive Audio Interface & Monitor Controller is the world's first audio interface & monitor controller for immersive audio  
  • Supports formats like Dolby Atmos, from stereo to 9.1.6  
  • Ideal for music, film, TV, gaming, and VR audio production  
  • High-performance AD/DA converters with 126dB dynamic range  
  • Advanced Speaker Processing for room calibration and custom presets  
  • Simple-to-use software with Dolby Renderer integration for immersive control . 



  • Supports up to 9.1.6 Speaker Setups 
  • 2 x 16 Channel Surround Outputs (Analogue & AES) 
  • 2 x Stereo Line Outputs (Relay Switched) 
  • 2 x Independent Stereo Headphone Outputs 
  • 2 x Audient Mic Preamps (Mic / D.I / Line) 
  • 2 x ADAT Inputs 
  • Word Clock Input 
  • Word Clock Output 
  • ORIA Motion UI 
  • 24 bit / 96kHz 
  • USB 2.0 / USB Type-C 
  • Sonarworks SoundID Reference Measurement Microphone Included 
  • Optional AoIP Card (Dante) for 16 Input channels 




  • ORIA Software 
  • Onboard Room Calibration DSP 
  • Per Output EQ 
  • Per Output Delay 
  • Per Output Trim 
  • Per Output Crossover (Bass Management) 
  • Profile Switching - Sonarworks Integrated 
  • Configurable Global Bypass  
  • Immersive Monitoring Control 
  • Input / Output Switching 
  • Master Volume Control 
  • Global Delay (lip sync) 
  • Individual Speaker Solo & Mute 
  • Speaker Group Solo & Mute 
  • Per Channel Metering (pre & post) 
  • Down Mix Cycling - Dolby Renderer Integrated 
  • Programmable Function Button   
  • iPad Control App