Universal Acoustics Mercury Bass Trap 600mm Burgundy

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The Universal Acoustics Mercury Bass Trap is cut from high-density flame retardant Polyester foam.

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Exclusively designed and manufactured to the very highest professional standard in the UK.
The Universal Acoustics Mercury Bass Trap is cut in a striking contemporary design from high density flame retardant Polyester foam. Perfect for use in Recording and Broadcast Studios, Music Rehearsal Rooms, Audio and language labs, Boardrooms, offices, Staff rooms, Gymnasiums and any open spaces that require efficient sound absorption to improve the audio integrity and intelligibility plus the performance and dynamics of the room.
They are easy to install on most surfaces using non solvent based adhesive.
Made from high quality polyester based foam to UL94 HFI specification as standard with NRC ratings and Absorption characteristics performance based on 50mm thickness of 20 - 120% between 100Hz - 1kHz frequencies.
Available in Burgundy, Grey and Purple Colours and heights of 300mm & 600mm.
Click the test data link above to download a zip file of Universal Acoustics test results.
Features -
  • Flame retardant Polyester foam material
  • Easy to install
  • Confirms to UL94 HFI specification
  • NRC: 86% average