Acme Vogue

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The Vogue is a 4 head moonflower
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The Vogue is a 4 head moonflower featuring 36 x 1W RGBA LEDs, each focused into powerful 5° beams delivering a dynamic, room filling effect. Thanks to the LED and optical system this single fixture gives the effect of either four scanners or four moonflowers all perfectly synchronised together to make any venue come alive.




36 x 1W LEDs (R: 8,  G: 8,  B: 8,  A: 12)
Beam angle: 5°
DMX channels: 1
Sound active and master/slave modes
Built-in programs
Optional CA-8 controller
Variable strobe
Bracket allows for multiple rigging applications
4 push button menu with LED display
IEC power input/output
3-Pin XLR input/output