RAT Z3 Pro Tablet Stand with 12.9 inch Gripper Arms

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The Z3 Pro Tablet Stand is extremely lightweight, crafted from aluminium the stand is fully adjustable, from 40cm to 135cm it can be positioned to your preference.
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RAT Z3 Tablet Stand with 12.9" Gripper Arms

The stand is equipped with rubber feet, eliminating marks on your floor and can also be rotated from any angle. The stand can be easily transported, just fold the stand in three simple steps and carry in one of RATstands portable Gig Bags.
The tablet stand is constructed from anodised aluminium. The Z3 Pro can be nested on a flat floor service and can be folded completely flat. The base comprises of diecast aluminium legs with epoxy coating and rubber feet. Provision to adjust the angle of the head and the height of the stand without any adjusting screws or levers. Nylon coated steel arms to hold the tablet are interchangeable and can be made to fit any iPad Pro.




  • This stand can be folded to a flat pack in three simple moves with no knobs and no finger traps.
  •  When unfolded, the stand is adjusted by raising or lowering it to the desired height and leaving it there. Its friction joints ensure that it stays at the right height.
  •  A special joint means that you can look at your tablet from any position.
  • A single knob located on the rear of the cradle allows you to secure or release the tablet with ease.
  • The anodized aluminium stem is very strong, rigid and light. This stand doesn’t sway, and yet can be adjusted smoothly and easily.
  • Diecast aluminium legs with supertough scratch-resistant epoxy coating give enormous strength with low weight. Rubber feet preserve your floor and prevent clatter if the stand is knocked.
  • The Z3 Pro stand can be unfolded with its base reversed if required.