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Esmono Isolation Booths

Esmono Sound Isolation Booths

The Esmono range of isolution booths offer the perfect solution for studios, broadcast, post-production, education facilities, and offcies requiring a quite room. Esmono's acoustic properties make it ideal for vocals, voice overs and many applications that require an isolated and acoustically treated room.

Our Esmono Rooms are built for endurance with a performance to match. It essentially consists of a room within a room - giving fantastic sound isolation without the need of extensive planning or construction costs. The all-metal flexible construction yields an aurally stunning room, with the added benefit of allowing the room to be erected elsewhere if needed. The booth is a modular design based on identical wall and ceiling panels that can be interchanged, making the room incredibly adaptable.


Installation of the booths is fairly simple and, as such, can be achieved successfully by people with good DIY skills and a basic set of tools. However, the panels are heavy and the job is time consuming and we would recommend using our installation team. The team have installed hundreds of Esmono booths and are perfectly equipped to deal with any difficulties that may arise.


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The booth’s modular construction provides almost countless options. The standard sizes start at 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.95m and go as large as 4m x 3.7m x 2.15m with quotes for custom sizes available through the Studiospares sales team. Rooms include a fan driven ventilation system. Double Walled rooms are also available for extreme situations where the level of noise is excessive. Optional extras include Window Panels and Doors.


The booths are of steel construction which is between 10 and 50 times denser than traditional plywood versions. An analogy of why they are so efficient, hit a cymbal, let it ring, grasp it and the ring vanishes. Esmono secure Rockwool to the inside of the metal panels. The energy from the sound waves energises the metal which in turn is dissipated in the Rockwool. The inside wall is perforated to provide a tight acoustic control within the booth.

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Our install team are highly experienced at dealing with a wide variety of different requirements for acoustic isolation rooms. If there are any complexities with a job, or more than one room required, we generally start with a site visit to ensure we completely understand the customer's needs and make sure there are no hidden snags.We check internal and external dimensions, access, electricity supply, ventilation requirements, exact position of doors and windows, and much more, and only then do we produce plans and drawings showing exactly how the room is going to look.When the team arrive on site to begin work, they have all the experience and expertise necessary to build the rooms from start to finish, including floating floors and acoustic treatment. We always leave the room looking and sounding fantastic, but if there is ever a problem in the future, being based in London means we can quickly sort out the issue.



Call 020 8208 9930 now to book an appointment to see our Esmono booth in our Luton showroom.