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Studiospares Triangle Base Speaker Stand 4 Pack

Product Code: 448874

4x well-engineered monitor stands, designed to the highest of specifications to grip and support a wide range of studio monitors. With an adjustable height between 900mm – 1400mm.

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Studiospares Triangle Base Speaker Stand 4 Pack

The Triangle Base Monitor Speaker Stand by Studiospares is the golden standard of studio monitor stands. A well-engineered monitor stand that is designed to the highest of specifications to grip and support a wide range of studio monitors.  


The Triangle Base Monitor Speaker Stand features a wide top plate with dimensions reaching to 230mm by 230mm. This plate is designed to hold and support your monitors in the perfect listening position. The top plate features rubber strips along the top to provide essential grip qualities so that your monitors are secure. But also, to isolate sound coming from the monitors, and thus prevent that sound from travelling through the stand and causing any noise interference or colouring to the sound while you are mixing.  


The height of the Triangle Base Monitor Speaker Stand can be adjusted from 900mm high to 1400mm to reach the optimal listening positioning. The stand also features a safety locking pin that passes through the upper telescopic pole to provide the speaker with added protection should the height adjustment clutch isn’t properly fastened.  


The base features a triangular shape with each side measuring 440mm long. This base shape allows the stand to support even the heaviest of studio monitors with total ease. The Triangle Base Monitor Speaker Stand is very versatile and can quickly meet your specifications. The stand is lightweight and sturdy and can fit into tight spaces easily. Whatever you size room or set-up you have the Triangle Base Monitor Speaker Stand will effortlessly slot in with no problem.  

  • Height: 900mm – 1400mm
  • Base length (each side): 440mm
  • Top Plate Dimensions: 230mm – 230mm
  • Material: Die-cast steel
  • Colour: Black 
Customer Reviews
  • Verified Customer
    on 30 October 2013
    easy to set up, sturdy enough and they don't look too bad. as they are fairly light, the bases are fairly large, so when I put two pairs together it took a second or two to arrange them to get two pairs sitting next to each other. Otherwise, great value for the money. Carpet spikes are handy, and they sound fine.
  • Verified Customer
    on 21 October 2012
    Build quality good. Not very stable when extended, ok in lowest position. Retractable stabilising arms on the base would be better but I may not have bought them if they were much more expensive so all in all ok. To qualify; stable enough if positioned where no-one can bump into them eg behind a desk in front of a wall.
  • Verified Customer
    on 18 August 2011
    I have these in my studio and in my lounge. They look great, they are very stable (use the supplied spikes on a carpet), and extremely well built. They come with a small plastic clip that you can use on the safety peg for extra confidence, or to hang onto a cable, which lives in a hole on the side of the post. The only tiny thing I can think of that was inconvenient at any stage was that the plastic clip of one of the stands had fallen out of the little hole in transit, so it took a couple of seconds to find it. These are superb, and my wife is happy with them in the lounge!
  • Verified Customer
    on 12 June 2011
    Good quality monitor stands at a decent price in a market that charges the earth for this type of product. They follow the same pin hole style adjustment of larger speaker stands and as such can't accomodate sand or shot, however attempts have been made to allow the user to decouple the stands from the floor using adjustable spikes or plastic feet on the bottom of the triangle base, and by adding strips of neoprene to the tops to decouple monitors from the stands. The multipack is ideal for studios needing sets of stands for alternate monitors and surround applications where it isn't practical to place them on a console or build into a wall recess. The stands do come with cable clips to neaten up runs up the poles, but no internal space for this could be messy if the stands are out in the open (as it stands my console hides the stands almost completely). They make a professional looking addition to the home/project/budget studio environment where spending over £100 on monitor stands is impractical or unrealistic.
  • Triangle Base Monitor Speaker Stand by Studiospares

    Triangle Base Monitor Speaker Stand by Studiospares