Day 11 - Monitors

Christmas is fast approaching and you want to find the perfect gift for someone but don’t know where to start? Well we’ve researched everything and done all the hard work for you!

Yesterday we focused on condenser microphones, today is monitors!

 The main thing to decide with purchasing a set of monitors is the size of the speakers, it is very important to make sure that they aren’t too large, or conversely too small for the room.

Shopping Tips:

  • As the monitors increase in price, so does quality of the speaker, This will result in better field of sound reproduction, making them more “detailed”. You will be able to hear more space in the music, seeing where each track sits in the stereo image of the song, and where it sits in the frequency spectrum.
  • Different sizes of speakers have different frequency responses – generally larger speakers will go to lower Hz ranges. Depending on the type of music you are listening to, this can help you decide whether to go for a larger speaker, or a smaller more detailed speaker.
  • Higher quality speakers are less wearing to listen to for long periods of time, making them better to work with.
  • Try and maximise your budget – generally people will upgrade several times getting better speakers as they progess, buying a good set of speakers to start, will help further down the line, you can use good monitors as a reference set to A/B a track against your new “better” speakers.
  • We’ve created some custom accessories bundles for all the monitors, there are various prices and options, they’ll appear on the product page underneath the product description, these are a good present for others to buy (you can copy the links and send them on), or are great add ons if you are looking for several gifts.
  • All accessory bundles are already discounted, so a great chance to get more bang for your buck!
  • If you are stuck, please just ask, we’re more than happy to recommend something for you!
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